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Selections From The Ark Number 211 - Spring 2009

By Anthony Hofler

When we talked the other day,
A member of the CCA
Mentioned her dislike of zoos,
But then proceeded to refuse
Acceptance of the view that those
Exhibitions ought to close.
Instead of being keen to say
The public ought to stay away,
She said ‘I can’t impose my views.
People should be free to choose.’
I find it easy to believe
That Satan said the same to Eve.
It suits his purposes if we
Treat good and bad things equally.
How would it have seemed to you
If, at the time of World War Two,
You’d heard ‘It’s wrong to kill the Jews,
But I must not impose my views’ ?
If something’s bad, it should be stopped.
It carries on if we adopt
A state of mind which bows to choice
Instead of raising up our voice
And picking up a pen to write,
Condemning wrong, promoting right.
Lobby Councils and M.P.s.
Be alert, and try to seize
Opportunities to end
Whatever ought to be condemned.
It may go on still just the same,
But you will not share the blame.
Let’s work to build a wholesomely
Intolerant society.

Anthony Hofler.

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