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Selections From The Ark Number 213 - Winter 2009


Some issues of The Ark concentrate on specific topics, others cover a range of interests – everything from experiments using animals, factory farming, circuses and zoos, to pet keeping and fur, fishing and fashion. Behind the whole gamut of concerns lies the one principle by which we judge them all: that we humans cannot abuse the animal creation given to us to cherish and protect.

But, some have argued, we have been given mastery (dominion) by God over these creatures ... Ah, we answer – as do several of the writers in this issue – but what sort of mastery (dominion)? Surely not Marduk’s, or ‘that the Gentiles have’, that the Pharaohs wielded, that people given power to any degree tend to exercise: abusive, exploitative, self-serving. Instead, surely – especially for people of faith – the sort that God exercises, that Jesus shows in his self-giving. The power of the One who serves. The ‘loving-kindness of the heart of our God’, as we say in the Benedictus. We may not have power over much in life. We do however have power over the whole world of non-human animals.

We can choose to be a cause of suffering to them, in what we eat, wear and use. We can be indifferent to them, not caring if we extinguish a life with a brush of the hand or a stamp of the foot. We can even cause deliberate hurt, by keeping them in conditions alien to their natures, or by hitting or kicking them. Or none of those things. We are confronted with the exercise of our power, the power of the strong over the weak, at every turn in daily life.

What we in CCA hope to do above all else is to encourage more people to stop and think about the way they exercise that power. It is inconceivable to us that people of faith should be indifferent to the human-induced suffering of others, whoever they are. As pro-lifers, our community of concern includes all who have been given that most precious gift – of life.

How YOU can help raise CCA’s profile:

1. Hand on copies of The Ark to your parish priest, and request a mention from the pulpit or in the parish bulletin that interested people should contact the Membership Secretary. (More copies are always available, just ask the Editor). Also request insertion of the notice on the opposite page.

2. Offer to organise a blessing service; compose Bidding Prayers for Sunday 4 October; hold a stall requesting pet food to donate to local rescue centre; invite a speaker from an animal charity (or CCA); hold a sponsored dog-walk; donate to (or start) parish library of animal-themed books; contact for more ideas for World Animal Day

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