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A Publication of
Catholic Concern for Animals


A Selection from the Ark
Number 216 - Winter 2010
Table of Contents


Blessed John Henry Newman
– Sermon
– Francis William Newman
– St Philip Neri
All Things in Christ - Edward P. Echlin
Do Animals Have Feelings? - Jonathan Balcombe
Interview - Stephen R Kaufman
Animal Affections - Alexandra Bastedo
Scandal of the Horse Meat Trade - Bonnie Estridge
A Big Man and a Little Dog - Lillian Craig Harris
Are Octopuses Just Like Us? - Celia Haddon
The Shellfish Network - Julie Roxburgh

Items of Interest
Dates for your Diary
In Brief
Reports of events
– Animal Blessing Service, Watford; Quo Vadis Meeting Warrington
– A Day’s Retreat in Salisbury
– Ecumenical Animal Welfare Retreat 2010
Prayers for animal Welfare - Helen Hall
What is the Future for Corals?
A Tasty Vegan Recipe  - Jennifer Pothecary
Visiting the USA - Deborah M. Jones
Crossword No. 23
Letter from the Membership Secretary Ann Bates

Book Reviews
Second Nature, by Jonathan Balcombe - Jennifer Brown
Climate and Christ, by Edward P. Echlin - DMJ
Bugs Britannica, by P. Maren & R. Mabey - Oliver Rackham

Essay on Man (Extracts) - Alexander Pope
Last Words to a Dumb Friend - Thomas Hardy
A Surprise Encounter  - Anthony Hofler
The Monk and His Dog - Nick Syrett

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