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Emergency Rescue Support Needed!

This week, Farm Sanctuary responded to a mother and baby calf in need.

The male calf—no more than a week old—was found in the middle of a field left to die, in plain view from the road. Barely breathing and non-responsive, the sick calf was immediately seized and taken to a Santa Cruz veterinarian, where he was treated for a severe navel infection. According to Santa Cruz Animal Services, if the calf hadn’t been seized so quickly, he would have died within five or six hours. The calf’s mother was seized the following day after veterinarians determined that the newborn’s recovery depended on her. When asked why he didn’t seek help for the calf, the animal’s owner said, “The calf is only worth $5, so why would I pay to treat it?” On Monday, the mother and calf arrived at Farm Sanctuary’s California Shelter for special care and safe refuge.

In addition, we have just taken in two factory farmed pigs, abandoned at our California Shelter’s front gate, and we will soon be welcoming one more pig being cared for at a shelter not equipped for farm animal care.

Adding up to a large influx of animals at our shelters in a very short time, these new rescues come immediately following several other cases we’ve just responded to:

  • A newborn calf destined to become low-grade veal who fell from a transport truck in California. Cupid is malnourished, and suffering from a leg abscess, likely from his fall, and a navel infection, for which he is receiving veterinary care. He is also receiving milk replacer bottle feedings from caregivers around the clock, and is under close watch in a special needs pen at our hospital.
  • A 20 year old stallion trapped inside a dilapidated 20’x20’ shed standing on several feet of his own manure, and suffering through the pain caused by his severely overgrown and cracked hooves. Since his arrival at Farm Sanctuary, Clyde has undergone extensive veterinary care which has been extremely expensive due to the degree of his neglect. We are working with a Farrier who specializes in hoof reconstruction, as his hooves are so badly overgrown. Veterinarians also encountered complications during his gelding, requiring corrective surgery under full anesthesia, and in addition extensive blood work revealed that he is suffering from two diseases: Cushing’s disease and White Muscle disease, caused by vitamin deficiencies. Finally, he has long, overgrown, sharp teeth, which have likely never been cared for. He is in need of extensive dental care, as he can barely eat. His molars are so overgrown that he is not able to properly chew or hold food in his mouth. He will always be a special needs resident, as many of his conditions are manageable but will require ongoing care.
  • Two farm pigs destined to be killed for pork, whose will to live inspired a farmer’s change of heart and their timely rescue. Upon arrival, Harry and Hazel required hoof trimming and neuter surgery for Harry.

We urgently need help caring for this large group of animals recently taken in by our shelters. Many of the animals are struggling with health conditions, and in need of special care.

I’m writing to ask for your help. Can you please make a donation to help fund the surgeries, medications, medical supplies, physical therapy, and other veterinary care needed to rehabilitate these animals? We also need assistance funding their feed, bedding and housing.

Your gift to the Emergency Rescue Fund at this highly critical time will aid these very special individuals counting on us for their survival. Your response will ease their pain and provide them the comfort, care and happiness they deserve. I hope you can help today.

Yours for the animals,

Susie Coston
National Shelter Director

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