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Patronage of the St Francis Foundation for Animals by His Grace Mgr Joseph Mercieca, Archbishop of Malta and launch of website

The St Francis Foundation for Animals is honoured by the acceptance of His Grace Mgr Joseph Mercieca (Archbishop of Malta) to act as Patron of the Foundation. The Foundation is also taking this occasion to lauch its new website. The St Francis Foundation for Animals’ website may be seen at  

In view of Archbishop Joseph Mercieca’s personal commitment for animal welfare, prompting him to include animal welfare in at least two pastoral letters (a copy of the latest pastoral letter may be seen on the website), St Francis Foundation for Animals thought it a good idea to ask him to act as patron of the Foundation. His Grace has honoured us by accepting our invitation.

The Foundation’s executive committee is composed of Mr Manuel Magrin, Fr Mark F Montebello, Fr Vincent Sciortino and Mr Charles Grech. The Foundation is also honoured to have as patron, His Grace Mgr Joseph Mercieca, Archbishop of Malta.

The St Francis Foundation for Animals was set up to put into practice the teachings of St Francis of Assisi, particularly his teachings of compassion and respect towards all God’s creation, which he referred to as brothers and sisters. The Foundation is based in Vittoriosa, and its work has been given recognition by the Vittoriosa Mayor, Mr John Boxall, who awarded the Foundation with the Vittoriosa Medallion.

The aims of the Foundation are to take care of abandoned animals, and to teach the Christian ethic of care for all creation. The Foundation also works to influence Maltese society into being more aware of the inter-relatedness of all creatures under God. It also researches and disseminates authentic teachings of the Catholic tradition to help bring about a way of life in accordance with the Creator’s design. One of its aims is also to discuss animal cruelty issues with the Catholic Church Authorities and to share ideas for a more proactive clergy and to build stronger ties with the local church in the animal welfare field.

The website, among other things, will give due publicity to the Maltese Bishops’ and international Catholic clergy’s teachings on animals and our duties towards creation. The website will also feature relevant links to other websites, animal related documents to download, and quotes from important historical and popular persons.

The new website will also serve as a showcase of the Foundation’s work and hopefully will induce people to do their part either by becoming volunteer workers with the Foundation, or else to give a donation which will ease the burden of costs on feeding and medication of rescued animals. Donations toward the Foundation may be made at HSBC Account 040001034050.

The St Francis Foundation for Animals is a founding member of SOS Animals, of Partnership for Active Animal Welfare Societies (PAAWS) which is a federation composed of six animal protection organizations and of the UK based Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare. It is also a member of the Vittoriosa Local Council’s sub-committee for animal welfare.

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