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  1. In 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 Paul says ďSo whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.Ē Should this principle be applied today with our decisions regarding animals? (Please also see 1 Cor. 8:13).

  2. Paul said in 1 Timothy 6:10 ďFor the love of money is the root of all evilsÖĒ Since most animal cruelty is for big business, (and hidden from the pubic), animals are clearly victims of greed. Should we, who are Godís children living in Godís Kingdom, support animal abuse in:

    The legal and illegal trade of animals; puppy mills*; dog racing; fur farms**; research laboratories; factory farms***?

    *Over 500,000 puppies are cruelly bred and confined in puppy mills each year in the US alone, mostly in PA and the Midwest. They are then shipped to businesses such as puppy stores.

    ** 31 million animals are bred, confined, and killed for the fashion industry.

    ***Factory farms are multi-billion dollar industries

  3. Do you think that the increase of pestilences or plaques is a sign of the end times? Could the increase of zoonotic diseases such as Mad Cow Disease, CJD, E-Coli, the bird flu, etc. Be the beginning signs? Do you think that diseases of dementia could be from eating sick cows/cattle which show up years after congestion?

  4. God, who has compassion for all animals, (Psalm 145:9) gave laws in the Old Testament to help them (see Exodus 23 and Deuteronomy 25:4). If we are Godís children, should we also have compassion for them?

  5. Is animal research necessary and should we support charities who use animal research? (Please visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine at  and  for information).

  6. Churches are generally silent about our responsibility to care about Godís creatures. Why do you think it is not taught?

  7. Godís Creatures Ministry and Catholic Concern for Animals-USA have Veterinarian Charity Funds to help people pay vet bills. How can your church or community help people raise money for these charities? Do you think that Christians should help people with vet bills and/or provide pet food, etc.?

  8. Does our treatment of (and relationship with) people and animals reflect our relationship with God? Should patience, mercy and kindness be extended to all animals?

  9. Steel leg-hold traps have been banned in more than 70 countries, so why does the USA approve of them?

  10. Should we celebrate religious holidays without using animal flesh, dairy and eggs from animals who have suffered their whole lives? Do you believe God is pleased with our celebrations? Do you think the analogy Jesus uses about the thief coming to steel, kill and destroy, (see John 10:10), could describe the stealing of calves, piglets, chicks, and all animals who belong to God?

  11. Lobsters and crabs boiled alive are accepted as normal to do. Some stores refuse to sell live lobsters because of their intense suffering. Do you believe that God cares for them also? Do you think God feels their pain (as well as all animalsí pain)?

  12. Balaamís donkey (please see Numbers 22), the manís pet lamb (please see 2 Samuel 12), and the dogs who licked Lazarusí sores (please see Luke 16:20-21) teach us something about animals and their relationship with humans. What do they teach us? Is our relationship with them important to God?

  13. Are dairy products really good for us? Please visit  for answers.

  14. Obviously animals are important to God. Should we teach Godís views of His animals and our responsibilities towards them in Seminaries and Churches? What is the best way for adults to teach children (and adults) Godís compassion?

  15. If animals are going to be in Godís Peaceable Kingdom and if God reconciled the whole world (cosmos) to Himself through Jesus, are there and will there be animals in heaven? (See sources on GCMís website and also 2 Kings 2:11; Isaiah 11:6; Revelation 19:11-14).

  16. How does a vegan diet (Godís original intended diet for us) help the poor, the environment, our health, and the suffering of animals? Does it give God glory? Is sustainable agriculture for animal consumption really the answer? Should we eliminate or at least minimize our consumption of meat and animal products such as eggs and dairy?

  17. What is Godís relationship with animals? Does God see and care for each one?

  18. How can we follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, more closely? If all animals belong to God, who put them in our care to protect, what can we do to LET them praise the Lord as the Psalmist tells us to do in Psalms 150:6? Do you believe that Satan, the father of lies, has been deceiving us? How?

  19. Do animals and humans have the same created soul (nefesh chayah)? (see Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 and Ecclesiastes 3:19-21)

  20. What kind of diet did Daniel request and why? (See Daniel 1)

  21. Are rodeos and circuses cruel to animals? (Visit  and ). If they are, why do we patronize them?

  22. What did God really mean when he gave us Ďdominioní over the animals in Genesis 1:26? What context is it in?

  23. Is it wise to send or sponsor animals to poor countries to raise and breed? Why?

  24. What was Paul instructing Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:1-5 and why? What context is it in?

  25. What did God mean in Acts 11:1-18 when He told Peter to ďKill and eatĒ?

  26. Esau and Nimrod were hunters in the Bible. Do you believe that hunting is pleasing to God? (Please see article by Rev. J.R. Hyland on Godís Creatures Ministryís website for more information concerning hunters in the Bible).

For questions, comments and submissions, please contact:
Deborah Jones at Catholic Concern for Animals

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