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(In Memoriam John Murphy)
With grateful appreciation to Mrs Elizabeth Murphy


Abse (Dannie)
Medicine on Trial
Crown Publishers (USA 1969)

American Anti-Vivisection Society 
Thinking about Animals - How our Perceptions Affect Their Lives

Amory (Cleveland)
Man Kind? - Our Incredible War on Wildlife
Dell Publishing (USA - 1974)

Apfel (Roberta) MD & S Fisher (Susan) MD
To Do No Harm - DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine
Yale Univ. Press (USA - 1984)

Various Gustav Fischer Verlag
The Contribution of Laboratory Animal Science to the Welfare of Man and Animals (8th Symposium of the Int. Council for Laboratory Animal Science - Vancouver 1983)

Baker (Ron)
The American Hunting Myth
Vantage Press (USA - 1985)

Baird R & Rosenbaum (S)
Animal Experimentation - The Moral Issues
Prometheus Books (USA - 1991)

Barker (Ron)
And The Waters Turned To Blood (Aquatic Organisms and Man-Made Pollution in American Coastal Waters and Rivers)
Simon & Schuster (USA - 1997)

Barnard (Neal) M.D.
Animals in Military Wound Research & Training
Physicians Comm. for Responsible Medicine (USA - 1986)

Bayly (B) M.R.C.S.
Vivisection (The Futility of Experiments on Living Animals)
National Anti-Vivisection Society 1962

Bayly (B) M.R.C.S
More Spotlights on Vivisection
Maryland Anti-Vivisection Soc. (USA 1960)

Bayly (B) M.R.C.S
Clinical Medical Discoveries
National Anti-Vivisection Society 1961

Billingshurst (Dr I)
Give your Dog a Bone (A commonsense way to feed dogs for a long healthy life)
Billinghurst I (Australia 1993)

Bliss (Michael)
The Discovery of Insulin
Univ.of Chicago Press (USA - 1982)

Blum (Deborah)
The Monkey Wars (The Keeping and Use of Monkeys and Apes in American Laboratories)
Oxford Uni.Press (USA 1994)

Botting (J H) Ed.
Animal Experimentation and the Future of Medical Research
Portland Press 1992

Breggin (Peter R) MD
Toxic Psychiatry
St Martin's Press (USA - 1991)

Breggin (Peter R) MD & Breggin (Ginger Ross)
The War Against Children - The Biomedical Social Control of America's Children
St Martin's Press (USA - 1994)

British Med. Association
Hazardous Waste and Human Health
Oxford Univ.Press '91

Brodeur (Paul)
The Great Power-Line Cover Up
Back Bay Books (USA - 1993)

Bross (Irwin D) PhD
Fifty Years of Folly and Fraud "In the Name of Science"
Biomedical Meta-Technology Press (USA - 1994)

Bross (Irwin D) PhD
Scientific Fraud vs. Scientific Truth
Biomedical Meta-Technology Press (USA - 1991)

Brown (Antony)
Who Cares for Animals? - 150 years of the RSPCA
Heinemann (UK 1974)

The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research (Australia 1993)

Campbell & Lasley
The Science of Animals that Serve Mankind
McGraw Hill (USA - 1969)

Cavalieri (P) & Singer (P)
The Great Ape Project: Equality Beyond Humanity
St Martin's Press (USA - 1994)

Animal Care Committees: Role and Responsibilities
Canadian Council on Animal Care 1992 (Proceedings from a Workshop)

Carter (Richard)
Breakthrough - The Saga of Jonas Salk
Trident Press (USA - 1966)

Vivisection is Scientific Fraud
CIVIS (Hans Ruesch's Information Service (4)

Cohen (M) & Young (C)
"Alcoholic Rats" (A Critique on Alcohol Research using animals)
National Research Info. Center (USA - 1989)

Coleman (Vernon) MD
Why Animal Experiments Must Stop (and how you can help stop them)
European Medical Journal 1995

Coleman (Vernon) MD
Betrayal Of Trust - Drugs and the Drug Industry
European Medical Journal 1994

Colmore (G)
Priests of Progress (An Arraignment of Vivisection)
B W Doge & Co (USA - 1908)

Committee on Animal Models in Biomedical Congress of USA
Aping Science - A Critical Analysis of Research at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Centre 1995 (USA)

Coulston (F) & Shubik (P), Editors
Human Epidemiology and Animal Laboratory Correlations in Chemical Carcinogenesis
Ablex Publishing (USA - 1980)

Coulter (Harris L)
The Controlled Clinical Trial - An Analysis
Center for Empirical Medicine (USA - 1991)

Covello (Vincent) & Merkhofer (Miley)
Risk Assessment Methods - Approaches for Assessing Health and Environmental Risks
Plenum Press (USA 1993)

Croce (P) Professor
Vivisection or Science (a choice to make) (2)
Hans Ruesch Foundation 1991

Crossen (Cynthia)
The Tainted Truth - The manipulation of fact in America
Touchstone (USA - 1996)

D'Amato R & Others
Relevance of Animal Studies to the Evaluation of Human Cancer Risk (Progress in Clinical & Biological Research Vol. 374)
Wiley-Liss (USA - 1992)

Doctors In Britain Against Animal Experiments (2)
Animal Experimentation: Use or Abuse of Science?

Derby (Pat)
The Lady and Her Tiger (Animals trained with love, not fear)
Ballantine Books (USA - 1977)

Dermer (G) BA,
The Immortal Cell - Why Cancer Research Fails
Avery Publishing (USA - 1994)

Doll (Richard) Sir & Peto (Richard)
The Causes of Cancer (Oxford Medical Publication)
Oxford Medical Publications (USA - 1986)

Domer (Floyd) Ph.D.
Animal Experiments in Pharmacological Analysis
Charles C Thomas (USA - 1971)

Douglas Hume (Ethel)
Pasteur Exposed - The False Foundation of Modern Medicine
Bookreal (Australia - 5th Ed.1989)

Drayer (Mary) Ed.
The Animal Dealers - Evidence of Abuse of Animals in the Commercial Trade 1952-1997
Animal Welfare Inst.

Duesberg (Peter H)
Inventing the Aids Virus - A Critique of HIV as the cause of AIDS
Regnery Pub. (USA - 1996)

Efron (Edith)
The Apocalyptics - How Environmental Politics Controls What We Know About Cancer
Touchstone Books (USA - 1984)

Eisnitz (Gail A)
Slaughterhouse - Story of Greed, Neglect and Inhumane Treatment Inside the US Meat Industry
Prometheus Books (USA - 1997)

Vaccination Condemned - Book 1
Better Life Research (USA - 1981)

Ellison (B J) & Duesberg (P H)
Why We Will Never Win The War On AIDS
Inside Story Communications (USA - 1994)

Fabbretti (Nazareno)
Animals Write - Dear Humans
St Paul Pub. 1990

Fadali (Monein A) MD
Animal Experimentation - A Harvest of Shame
Hidden Springs Press (2)

Fano (Alix)
Lethal Laws, Animal Testing, Human Health and Environmental Policy
Zed Books (USA 1997)

Fox (Michael Allen)
The Case for Animal Experimentation (An evolutionary and ethical perspective)
Univ. of California (USA - 1986)

Fried (Stephen)
Bitter Pills (Inside the Hazardous World of Legal Drugs)
Bantam Books (USA - 1998)

Garner (Robert)
Animals, Politics and Morality
Manchester Univ. Press 1993

Gordon (Richard) Dr.
Great Medical Disasters
Dorset Press (USA 1986)

Griffin (D R)
Animal Minds (Nature/Animal Behaviour)
Univ. of Chicago (USA - 1994)

Guillermo (Kathy)
Monkey Business
Nat. Press Books (USA - 1993)

Hepner (Lisa A)
Animals in Education - The Facts, Issues and Implications
Richmond Pub. (USA - 1994)

Horowitz (L) D.M.D
Emerging Viruses (Aids & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?) M.A., M.P.H.
Tetrahedron Inc. (USA - 1997)

Entering the Gates of Hell - Laboratory Cruelty You Were Not Meant To See
(photos - Brian Gunn)

Inlander (C B), Levin (L) & Weiner (E)
Medicine on Trial - The Appalling Story of Ineptitude, Malfeasance, & Neglect, and Arrogance
Prentice Hall Press (USA 1988)

Jacobsen (David & Eric)
Doctors are Gods - Corruption and Unethical Practices in the Medical Profession
Thunder's Mouth Press (USA - 1994)

Kaufman (S.R) M.D. & Todd (Betsey (R.N.)
Perspectives on Animal Research - Volume 1 1989 & Supplement
Medical Research Modernisation Comm. (USA - 1989)

Kaufman (S) & Hahner (K)
Perspectives on Medical Research :
Volume 2, 1990
Volume 3, 1991
Volume 4, 1993

Keehn (J D )
Animal Models for Psychiatry
Routledge & Keegan Paul (1986)

Keen (W W)
Animal Experimentation and Medical Progress
Houghton Miflin (USA - 1914)

Kimbrell (Andrew)
The Human Body Shop - The Engineering and Marketing of Life
Harper SanFrancisco (USA - 1993)

Sunday Times Insight Team
Suffer the Children: The Story of Thalidomide
Andre Deutsch 1979

Kuker-Reines (Brandon)
Psychology Experiments on Animals - A Critique of Animal Models of Human Psychopathology
New England Anti-Vivisection Soc.1982

Kupsinel M.D (Roy)
Vivisection: Science or Sham
People for Reason in Science & Medicine USA (2)

Lanctot (Guylaine) MD
The Medical Mafia
Here's The Key Inc. (USA - 1995)

Landymore-Lim (Lisa)
Poisonous Prescriptions - research into adverse drug reactions
PODD (Australia - 1994)

LaFollete (H) & Shanks (N)
Brute Science - Dilemmas of Animal Experimentation
Routledge (England & USA 1996)

Lappe (Marc)
Chemical Deception - The Toxic Threat to Health and the Environment
Sierra Club Books (USA - 1991)

Lansbury (Carol)
The Old Brown Dog (Women, Workers and Vivisection in Edwardian England)
Univ. of Wisconsin Press (USA 1985)

Lasko (Keith Alan) MD
The Great Billion Dollar Medical Swindle
Bobbs-Merril Co. (USA - 1980)

Lembeck (Fred)
Scientific Alternatives to Animal Experiments
Ellis Horwood Ltd 1989

Linzey (Rev. A)
Christianity and the Rights of Animals
Crossroad (USA - 1991)

Linzey (Andrew)
Animal Theology
Univ. of Illinois (USA - 1995)

Linzey (Andrew) & Yamamoto (Dorothy)
Animals on the Agenda (Questions about animals for Theology and Ethics
Univ. of Illinois (USA - 1998)

Marquardt (K) & Others
Animal Scam - The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights
Regnery Gateway (USA 1993)

Mason (J) & Singer (P)
Animals Factories (Revised and Updated)
Harmony Books (USA - 1990)

Matthiessen (Peter)
African Silences (Account of the cataclysmic depredation of the African landscape and its wildlife)
Vintage Books (USA - 1992)

McCoy (J J)
Animals in Research (Issues and Conflicts)
Franklin Watts (USA - 1993)

McGee (Charles T) MD
Heart Frauds - The Misapplication of High Technology in Heart Disease
MediPress (USA - 1993)

MacDonald (Melody)
Caught in the Act (The Feldberg Investigation)
Jon Carpenter 1994

Physicians' Desk Reference (1998 Edition)
Medical Economics Co. USA

Physicians' Desk Reference - For Non-Prescription Drugs (1998 Edition)
Medical Economics Co. USA

Mendelsohn (R) MD
Confessions of a Medical Heretic
Contemporary Books (USA 1979)

Miller (Neil Z)
Immunization - Theory vs. Reality
New Atlantean Press (USA - 1996)

Miller (Neil Z)
Immunization - The People Speak!
New Atlantean Press (USA - 1996)

Miller (Neil Z)
Vaccines: Are they really Safe and Effective?
New Atlantean Press (USA - 1994)

Mitruka, Rawnsley & Vadehra
Animals for Medical Research (Models for the Study of Human Disease
Rober E Krieger (USA - 1982)

Moretti (Laura) Ed.
All Heaven in a Rage (Essays on the Eating of Animals)
MBK Publishing (USA - 1994)

Moss R (P.H.D.)
Questioning Chemotherapy
Equinox Press (USA - 1995)

Moulton (J) Ed.
Tumours in Domestic Animals
Univ. California (USA 3rd Ed.1990)

Mullins (E)
Murder by Injection - Story of the Medical Conspiracy against America
Nat. Council for Medical Research (USA 1992)

Personal Care with Principle - A Guide to Choosing Cruelty-Free Cosmetics and Household Products
National Anti-Vivisection Soc. (USA 1994)


The Good Charities Guide 1994

Target: NOAH - Neighbors Organised for Animals and Health

Nikiforuk (A)
The Fourth Horseman - a short history of epidemics, plagues, famine and other scourges (5)
Penguin 1992

Office of Technology
Alternatives to Animal Use in Research, Testing & Education
Assessment USA

Orlans (Barbara)
In the Name of Science - Issues in Responsible Animal Experimentation
Oxford Univ.Press (USA - 1993)

Overell (Bette)
Animal Research Takes Lives - Humans and Animals Both Suffer
New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Soc. 1993

Page (Dr Tony)
Vivisection Unveiled
Ukavis Publications 1997

Page (Dr Tony)
The Use of Animals in Medical Research: The Wrong Path
Ukavis (1996)

Paget (S) FRCS
For and Against Experiments on Animals
H K Lewis (London 1912)

Paget (S)
Experiments on Animals - To Follow the Working Act of 1876
T Fisher Unwin

Paget (S)
Experiments on Animals (Progressive Science Series)
John Murrary (London 1902 - Revised Ed.)

Paton (W)
Man & Mouse: Animals in Medical Research)
Oxford Univ.Press (1993 - 2nd Ed.)

Payer (Lynn)
Disease-Mongers - How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers are making you feel sick
J Wiley & Sons Inc (USA - 1992)

Peden (James A)
Vegetarian Cats and Dogs
Harbingers of a New Age (USA - 1995)

Peele (Stanton)
Diseasing of America
Lexington Books (USA - 1995)

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Save The Animals - 101 Easy Things You Can Do
Warner (USA 1990)

Phillips & Sechzer
Animal Research and Ethical Conflict
Springer-Verlag (USA - 1989)

Pinsky (Mark A)
The EMF Book - Electromagnetic Fields, Radiation and your health
Warner Books (USA - 1995)

Porter (Roy)
The Greatest Benefit to Mankind - A Medical History of Humanity From Antiquity to the Present
Harper Collins 1997

Various Vivisection - Science or Science Fiction
PRISM (People for Reason in Science & Medicine) (USA 1990) (3)

Various Animal Experimentation and Human Medicine
PRISM (USA 1995)

Humane Innovations and Alternatives (Volume 7)
(Psychologists for The Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Rappoport (Jon)
AIDS INC. - The Scandal of the Century
Human Energy Press (USA - 1988)

Regenstein (Lewis G)
Replenish the Earth (A History of Organised Religion's Treatment of Animals and Nature) (6)
Crossroad (USA - 1991)

Reines (Brandon)
Heart Research on Animals (A Critique of Animal Models of Cardiovascular Disease)
American Anti-Vivisection Society (2)

Reines (Brandon)
Cancer Research on Animals: Impact & Alternatives
Nat. Anti-Vivisection Soc.USA 1986

Rifkin (Jeremy)
Beyond Beef - The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture
Penguin Books (USA - 1993)

Robbins (John)
Reclaiming Our Health - Exploding the Medical Myth
H J Kramer (USA - 1996)

Robbins (John)
Diet for a New World (May All be Fed)
Avon Books (USA - 1992)

Robbins (John)
Diet for a New America - How Food Choices Affect Our Health
Stillpoint (USA - 1987)

Rodricks (Joseph V)
Calculated Risks - The toxicity and human health risks of chemicals in our environment
Cambridge Univ.Press (Reprinted 1995)

Rollin (Bernard E)
The Unheeded Cry - Animal Consciousness, Animal Pain and Science
Oxford Univ.Press 1990

Ross (Gary)
At Large - The Fugitive Odyssey of Murray Hill and his Elephants
Stoddart (Canada - 1992)

Rowan (Andrew)
Of Mice, Models, & Men (A Critical Evaluation of Animal Research)
State Univ. of New York Press 1984

Survey of the Use of Non-human Primates as Laboratory Animals in Great Britain 1984 - 1988

Hans Ruesch (Hans)
1000 Doctors (and many more) against Vivisection
CIVIS (Switzerland 1989)

Ruesch (Hans)
Slaughter of the Innocent (Animals in Medical Research) (2)
Civitas (Switzerland 1983)

Ruesch (Hans)
Naked Empress (The Great Medical Fraud)
Civis Pub. (Switzerland 1992)

Rupke (N)
Vivisection in Historical Perspective) (2)
Croom Helme (USA - 1987)

Ryder (Richard) (2)
Victims of Science (The Use of Animals in Research)
Davis-Poynter (1975)

Salt (Henry S)
Animals' Rights
G Bell & Sons (1922)

Vivisection Hearing before the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia - February 21, 1900
Gov.Printing Office (USA - 1900)

Sequoia (Anna)
67 Ways to Save The Animals
Harper Perennial (USA - 1990)

Scheibner (V) Ph.D
Vaccination - 100 Years of Orthodox Research into Vaccines
New Atlantean Press (USA - 1993) (2)

Sharpe (Robert) Dr.
The Cruel Deception (Use of Animals in Medical Research)
Thorsons Pub. 1988

Sharpe (Robert) Dr.
Science on Trial - The Human Cost of Animal Experiments
Awareness Bks 1994

Shapiro (Kenneth J)
Animal Models of Human Psychology
Hogrefe & Huber (USA - 1998)

Shapiro (Kenneth J) Ed.
Society and Animals (Various Studies)
White Horse Press 1994 (7)

Simon (Seymour)
Animals in Field and Laboratory (Science Projects in Animal Behaviour)
McGraw Hill (USA - 1968)

Smyth (D H)
Alternatives to Animal Experiments
Scholar Press 1978

Snow Guillermo (Kathy)
Monkey Business - The Disturbing Case that Launched the Animal Rights Movement
Nat. Press Books 1993

Sperling (Susan)
Animal Liberators - Research and Morality
Univ. of California 1988

Spiegel (Marjorie)
The Dreaded Comparison - Human and Animal Slavery
Mirror Books (USA - 1996)

Stamets (P)
Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World
Ten Speed Press (USA - 1996)

Stephens (Martin) Ph.D
Maternal Deprivation Experiments in Psychology: A Critique of Animal Models
American Anti-Vivisection Soc.

Strand (Rod & Patti)
The Hijacking of the Humane Movement (Animal Extremism)
Doral Publishing (USA - 1993)

Thompson (J) Rev.
Cast Out of the Ark - The Churches' Abuse & Rejection of God's Animal Kingdom
Ty Coch Pub. 1994

Tondorf (F A)
A Vindication of Vivisection (A Course of Lectures)

Turner (P (Ed.)
Animals in Scientific Research : An Effective Substitute for Man?
Humane Research Trust

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Animals in Atomic Research

Various Authors
Protection of Medical Research

Various Authors
A Vindication of Vivisection - A Course of Lectures on Animal Experimentation (Georgetown University 1920)
(USA - 1923)

Walker (M. J.)
Dirty Medicine - Science, Big Business and the Assault on Natural Health
Slingshot Publications 1993

Warbasse (J. P.)
The Conquest of Disease Through Animal Experimentation
D Appleton & Co (USA - 1910)

Wildavsky (A)
But Is It True? - A Citizen's Guide to Environmental Health and Safety
Harvard Univ.Press (USA - 1995)

Wilkinson (Lise)
Animals and Disease (An Introduction to the History of Comparative Medicine)
Cambridge Univ.Press 1992 Medicine

Wilson (D)
The Lead Scandal - The Fight to Save Children from damage by Lead Petrol
Heinemann 1983

Wilner (Norwood S) & Feingold (Allan)
Asbestos Medicine On Trial - A Medical/Legal Outline - Vol. 1
Andrews Professional (USA - 1995)

Wynne-Tyson (J) Ed.
The Extended Circle - A Commonplace Book of Animal Rights
Paragon House (USA - 1989)

Yerkes (R M)
The Dancing Mouse - A Study in Animal Behaviour
Macmillan Co (USA 1907)

(Number listed between brackets indicates number of copies available.)

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