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The Wolverhampton Chronicle has reason to proclaim
That it’s ‘A city to be proud of’, but it’s full of cause for shame.
Among the recent stories of events which should appal
Was one about a hedgehog kicked around just like a ball
By sadistic-minded youngsters who, indubitably, knew
That they would not suffer punishment (I know what I would do).
Thank Goodness, someone rescued it and took it to a vet,
And now it’s safe, receiving all the love that it can get
In a local hedgehog sanctuary just a mile from me –
A relief for everyone desiring its security.
The paper’s same edition told how someone else behaved;
He stabbed a horse so many times its life could not be saved.
The other local paper, known as the Express and Star,
Reported on another heartless act not very far
Away (in Dudley, Worcestershire, which is a six-miles’ trip):
Some kittens had been found abandoned in a builders’ skip.
Imprisoned by the cavernous container’s lofty sides,
Through burial by rubble or starvation they’d have died.
Though we’d like to have the power to prevent all cruelty
(And other immorality), here’s what occurs to me:
The overriding reason for hostility within
A Christian’s heart to cruelty is that it is a sin.
We can’t prevent all cruel acts which rightly we abhor,
But we can make up to God for violations of His law.
God is love. He’s pleased by every loving act we do.
You really are consoling Him every time when you
Are loving to a creature. He knows we can’t prevent
All cruelty inflicted on the living things He sent
Into the world. We wish we could, but must accept it as a fact.
We’re answerable to Him for how we, not others, act.
Lord, I’m trying to stop the wrongs I can (not ‘sitting on the fence’),
To bear the ones I cannot stop, and to know the difference.

Anthony Hofler

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