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We have a new flyer for your use to copy, etc.

2005 sees the launch of the United States of America branch of Catholic Concern for Animals (CCA).  We are thrilled to have a CCA branch here to promote compassion for all of God's creatures.  Members will continue to receive the wonderful journal, The Ark three times a year and soon an addition of a USA newsletter will be included with it.  We are also hoping that a Spanish division will emerge to meet the needs of the Spanish population.  Any suggestions and help will be seriously considered.

We are grateful for those who began CCA in England in 1929 and for those who have continued to study and grow with the Lord's guidance.  We need to continue to run the race set before us in the USA, carrying God's mandate of compassion for all animals.

While animals are suffering everywhere, we in the USA have some concerns specific to our country.
  They include the conditions of animals used in agriculture, the fur industry, hunting, entertainment and in scientific and medical research.

The minimal standard of our 'humane' laws for farm animals, are rarely enforced, and there are no laws at all to protect billions of poultry (although HSUS is trying to pass them).  Matthew Scully's brilliant book, Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy, includes the description of farmed pigs which would make anyone with a conscience to stop eating pig meat at once. There is much evidence of 'factory'  or intensive farming being harmful not only to the billions of animals who have to endure lives of desperate misery, but also to the environment, through erosion and depletion of water, to human health, and to the economics of the developing world which supplies grain for our meat-animals rather than feeding their own populations. An excellent pamphlet written by Fr. John Dear, S.J., Christianity and Vegetarianism, is available upon request.  The least we can do is to cut down on our consumption of animals, and use only meat and dairy products that have a humane seal on them.  We would do well to consume only the plant-based diet God created us to have (see Gen. 1:29).

The fur industry is advertising once again that fur is a desirable luxury.  It is not a luxury for the animals that make the coat or fur trim.  These animals are clubbed, electrocuted, stomped on, gassed, poisoned and drowned after living horrendous lives in tiny cages or spending time in a steel leg-hold trap.  Tens of thousands of harp seals are clubbed yearly (while their mothers watch) and it is estimated that 40 per cent are skinned while still alive.  We need to speak out about this unnecessary evil done to God's creatures.  He cares for each and every one of them. 

We also need to educate about the entertainment businesses.  Rodeos, circuses, dog racing, cock fighting, dog fighting, hunting and various other uses of animals causes abuse and needless killing of innocent creatures.  (Hunters in the Bible are considered to be rebels or antagonists against God; The most well known are Nimrod and Esau.)  

We should be aware of the products we buy.  Millions of animals are used in unnecessary testing for  cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, and medicine.  Huge multi-national companies (such as Proctor & Gamble) sponsor animal cruelty for a variety of our common daily products.  We need to check the labels and learn what products test on animals.  For more information and a list of animal friendly products check the National Anti-Vivisection Society's website

The use of animals for research has been shown to be largely useless or counterproductive. It is known that medicine proven safe on animals can cause severe defects in humans. There are organizations that sponsor state-of-the-art research without the use of animals. Contact The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's website, for a list of  these organizations  and for more information. 

We thank God for all those people and organizations who work to uncover the hidden suffering of animals and who fight for their right to live as God intended. As the Body of Christ, let us be His hands, feet and voice for all living creatures. In the spirit of St. Francis, we should learn to serve our brothers and sisters in creation, and not to lord it over them as tyrants.  We need to become educated and to use God's resources with wisdom.  It is our duty to be the caretakers of His creatures until Jesus returns to redeem the whole world, which includes all His creatures.

"Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!"  Psalm 150:6 

For more information contact Jan Fredericks at

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Catholic Concern for Animals
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Wayne, NJ  07474-0266

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Mail to: Catholic Concern for Animals-USA, P.O. Box 266, Wayne, NJ 07474

Thank you!


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