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New DVD:

Christian Concern For All God's Creatures is a great video featuring many speakers who were at our conference. Footage from Farm Sanctuary, Fur-Bearer Defenders and Compassion Over Killing is also shown. This video is filled with Scripture and is an excellent educational tool for Universities Seminaries and Churches. Questions for discussion are on our websites and on the hard copy of the DVD. It can also be viewed online with Google. It is 36 minutes long. It is a must see for all Christians.

Kavina the calf shown with Laurie, (Secretary of God's Creatures Ministry and Catholic Concern for Animals-USA), was rescued from a dairy farm. She was neglected and was going to be drowned. She now lives with Debra and Steve in NJ with Herbie, the popular calf who escaped the slaughter house truck in the Bronx (please see news clip below). Herbie and Kavina quickly bonded and now live happily together free from the cruel world of the agricultural industry.

Below are video clips of Herbie and Kavin taken by their caregivers in NJ.

Herbie on the news! Great rescue story for one very fortunate calf.

Kavina and Herbie's 'baby' shower in NJ

Herbie and Kavina live happily together with one of their feline friends

Some fun time:

"I am happy to report that a new video (DVD) “Christian Concern For All God’s Creatures” is now available. This video is by far the most comprehensive one I’ve seen, and I believe answers all the questions that may arise concerning the Bible, Christianity and Animals. It is the perfect vehicle for those who want to approach church members with solid Christian teaching that is irrefutable. This video tells the truth concerning the plight of animals in a solid, unmistakable Christian context.

Jesus said, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) For those who honestly want to know the truth and want to motivate others to do the right thing, Frank and I enthusiastically recommend this video. We think that it would be best to view it with others, rather than simply giving or sending it to someone who may not take the time to view it." - Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

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