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Comments from the USA

From Anneliese Emerson - 7 Oct 2006

A new member writes:

I just came across your Catholic Concern for Animals USA organization and am very interested in joining!

I only learned of the horrible reality of what animals endure in our society in the last 2 yrs and have read Matthew Scully's "Dominion". I am a member of the Alliance for Animals Primate Freedom Project here in Madison and also PCRM & AAVS, trying to make the public aware of the wasted lives of primates in research here at the Univ. of Wisconsin and at Covance Laboratories here, so I am now so encouraged to learn that there is a Catholic organization actually concerned about animals!

...Would it be possible to get Summer, Fall & perhaps Spring 2006 Ark copies and also the Fr. John Dear Pamphlet - "Christianity & Vegetarianism." I am looking forward to receiving this information.


Anneliese Emerson
Madison, WI

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For a sample copy of The Ark and all membership details, except CCA-USA, and for questions, comments and submissions, please contact: Deborah Jones at Catholic Concern for Animals

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