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Today I found the Catholic Concern for Animals website and started crying. I thought I stood alone on this issue. Could you please send me a free brochure and sample copy of The Ark...

Also, I am involved with many Christian writers and this is a subject I have immense interest in writing about. However, I am consistently attacked for my views on the subject. I have been raised in Catholic schools, but discussions about the welfare of animals were absent.

I am looking for other books written from a Biblical perspective on animal welfare and Christian vegetarianism. I prefer those with deep theological roots that quote scripture and create sound ethical arguments for vegetarianism and animal welfare.

Also, I noticed you had a conference in New Jersey recently. Are you aware of any Christian animal welfare/vegetarian conferences or societies anywhere west of Denver? I am struggling to find like minds out here. I am currently in Seattle but travel all over the west....

T. S. WA

Enclosed please find payment for my Life Membership. I am extremely pleased to be a part of this organization and look forward to contributing to CCA in any way I can. I am an orthodox Catholic, faithful to the Magisterium, a veterinarian, scientist, and professional writer. I firmly believe that we are mandated to be kind and compassionate to all of God's creatures and am committed to a theology of reverence for all life.

I look forward to my membership in CCA, and thank you again.

M.F. DVM, Alabama

...I'm not a Catholic but am a Christian and love Jesus and all God's creatures. I've been a Lifetime Member of CSCAW (or whatever it was!) for years but want to support it here also. I'm not a member of any church so don't have any "clout" to promote anything! But I do pray for animal needs constantly. Also volunteer at local Humane Society.

Thanks for promoting animal welfare in the Christian community.

M.D., Colorado

...I have many questions, as I said in my email, about how to go about introducing this concept of compassion for animals into our local parishes...I do hope now that we have a U.S. chapter we can begin to build our "Ark" for the animals who so desperately need it...

M.D., New York

Happy I came across your web site - via Best Friends. Enclosed my 2005 membership.

I wish our organization all the best and will promote you any time I can.

M.R., Washington

I must thank-you for the lovely journal & leaflets I received, what a joy to become a member of such an organization that loves & cares for all creatures.

...I will hand out the extra leaflets to family members & friends I know believe in the cause. I only wish my country of Canada, will one day have chapters from the east to west coast.

M.M., Canada

...Please send me a free copy of "The Ark" and some information on your organization. I am so happy to hear about this work. I am a faithful, orthodox Catholic....I have also been a vegetarian for 13 years....

T.A., Texas

...Thank you for the copy of "The Ark." I'm very glad to find a group of Catholics who care about animals. ....also - thanks for the 2 applications. I'm going to try to find one or two other people who might be interested in joining.

L.B. New York

...I am sending you today a $25 check for my membership to CCA.

I was very happy to learn that CCA, born in England, is now starting a "colony" in America. So much needs to be done here too!...

V.S., California

...I am so happy to find your organization. I am both an animal lover and a Catholic...

C.B., Montana

... I also wanted to thank you for the materials which I received today. I feel a great source of comfort in becoming a member of Catholic Concern for Animals. I feel it offers me (and many others) a support in our personal and collective ministries to service the animals...

N.C., New York

...I came across the CCA website while browsing at last night. I was happy to find the CCA but more importantly, that it now (is) here in the United States.

I have recently decided to return to the Catholic Church after a very long absence and will admit that the one thing holding me back for some time was the church's stance towards animals. However, in my years of research I have discovered that as a Catholic, I am hardly alone in my beliefs towards the protection and humane treatment of animals.

I would be interested in receiving a copy of the Ark Magazine, at your convenience, and to obtain any other information you can give me regarding this organization. After browsing through the CCA website, I believe it is an organization I would enjoy becoming involved in.

Thank you in advance,

K.H., Michigan

For a sample copy of The Ark and all membership details, except CCA-USA, and for questions, comments and submissions, please contact: Deborah Jones at Catholic Concern for Animals

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