About CAP

Compassionate Actions Project® (CAP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization offering eligible people in Erie County, Pennsylvania free whole foods and personal care items.

We are a grass roots organization. CAP became a non-profit organization April 27, 2010. There are no paid employees. All donations or grant funds received go towards purchasing goods or for minimal business expenses. We are dedicated volunteers desiring to help people within Erie County, PA with the focus being in the city of Erie.

The need for more food pantries is increasing. There are different reasons people find themselves going to a food pantry. Like many cities around the country, Erie has a high unemployment rate. Many people who once donated money or goods to food pantries are now finding themselves standing in line to receive food themselves. CAP’s mission is to provide healthful, healing plant based foods and personal care items to eligible people. It is in this way the Compassionate Actions Project® Food Pantry is helping in the best ways we can.

Compassionate Actions Project® believes it is important to show how we care for people by the everyday actions that we practice.