CAP's Blessings and CAP's Wish List


It is a blessing for us to be able to help others in kind and compassionate ways. We are thankful and feel blessed to all who support our mission in various ways, together working to help those in need. CAP has been blessed with dedicated volunteers that work hard to keep our plant based food outreach going. CAP has received grant funds from compassionate and caring organizations and donations from kind people who appreciate our way of making a difference in the lives of low income people. The Mental Health Association in Erie, PA has been very generous to allow us space to offer their members a healthy food pantry. We greatly appreciate when any local business has a CAP Food Drive. We are thankful to everyone at the Hoffman Family Foundation that lovingly helps us maintain the CAP website. We believe the people receiving healthful foods and recipes are especially thankful.


Our organization is in need of a new or next-to-new vehicle to pick up and transport foods for the food pantry. If you can help in any way, please contact Katherine.

Start A Compassionate Actions Project® Fundraising Band!

  • Are you a musician or singer and live in Erie County? Contact us to meet with Dave, a friendly drummer who has played in different types of bands.

Start A Compassionate Actions Project® (CAP) Foundation

  • Starting a CAP Foundation will allow us to financially work with other compassionate people desiring to open their own Compassionate Actions Project Food Pantry in their own community!
  • A CAP Foundation will further our mission to offer low income people healthful plant based foods.
  • A CAP Foundation will allow us more ways to educate people on how healing a plant based diet can be for familiar and communities.
  • A CAP Foundation will help to secure the success of our organization now and for future generations.

Our focus is to help low income people in the most responsible way, causing the least amount of harm to animals and Nature.

Write to Katherine, [email protected]
Compassionate Actions Project
P.O. Box 1523
Erie PA 16512