Simple Nutritious Recipes

CAP volunteers have put together some favorite recipes. We live in a society that places value on “having it all now”.

This attitude is not only placed upon having material things, but also when it comes to eating food. Indeed, most will agree that we live in a fast paced and rushed society. Slowing down a bit to make a good meal for oneself or one’s family is not always the first thing a tired person wants to think about. Expediency is often on the mind of this person, add hunger to this situation combined with the “have it now” approach, and what frequently happens? Unhealthy food choices are often made due to the circumstances. CAP recipes are designed to require little prep and cooking time. The logic behind keeping the recipes easy to make is simple; people are more likely to prepare nutritious food, if they can get it on the table quickly!

What's for Dinner Tonight?


Always consult your physician when changing your diet.

CAP plant-based recipe