A Book to Baffle and Confuse
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting


Thanks to our new North Carolina members, who were totally shocked to find this book at a Goodwill, we are able to let our readers know about it. Please be sure that book and magazine venues have materials for children and adults that speak to the opposite view.

children hunting

Looking at this cover, you would wonder what this little squirrel is talking about? Hunt what? Acorns? Then you notice the buck in the background and you continue to wonder. Could this little vegetarian animal want to kill the buck? Could the vegetarian buck want to kill the squirrel?

No, not at all. Itís about a son who wants to hunt with his dad and how his dad tells him all he will ever need to know about killing animals legally. Dad tells his son that hunting doesnít hurt the animal; he tells his son that all of the animal can and should be used so itís all okay; he tells him to sharpen his skills by watching other wildlife to know that a deer is approaching. The disconnect between the fuzzy little animals and the actual content and intention of the book is hard to wrap your head around. The young son talks about how his dad butchers the animal and how his mom cooks and dries the flesh and also makes gloves for him. Nothing on the deer goes to waste, he says.

Iím reminded of a book by Cleveland Amory titled Man Kind? in which he talks about the whalersí refrain that nothing goes to waste. Amoryís powerful comment was: No, nothing is wasted but the whale.

We have to be careful of the myths. Sport hunting is not about subsistence, itís about the government managing wildlife to be living targets for trophy and amusement. To teach the truth, please let friends know about our publications, which can be found online at www.abolishsporthunting.org. [If you know of a book for children that values wildlife and finds hunting to be dishonest and disturbing, please be sure to let us know as well.]

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