Grand Island, NY, is Back to Trapping
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From Nicole Gerber, Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and Environment

Reprinted from a letter to the editor. You can view the entire letter here:

Trapping on Public Lands - November 2016

At the Monday, November 28 Town Board Workshop meeting, town officials voted to approve the use of public land parcels for one trapper to “sport” trap and kill wildlife for “recreation” and personal profit. ?Yet, the process of the new trapping law was not followed.

The trapping application form approved by the Town Board on September 6 was not utilized for the final decision

The Board did not discuss the research and science of the negative effects on species, habitats and ecosystems

The public has not been provided with information on what will be occurring and what neighborhoods will be affected

At the 11/21 Workshop, board members stated they would review and discuss the application at the 11/28 Workshop meeting and would vote on the application at the 12/5 Town Board Meeting. Instead, they voted at the Workshop meeting, which raises issues about transparency and the lack of public input into this decision.

The Board received recent residential complaints regarding illegal and hazardous trapping practices and inhumane treatment of trapped wildlife - issues that were already occurring in neighborhoods prior to the 11/21 and 11/28 Workshop meetings

If the Town does not adhere to its own trapping law and application requirements and there are legitimate and documented public concerns regarding the trapping practices currently occurring on the Island, how can people feel confident that public lands will still be accessible and safe for their use? Will there be notification of the trapping locations and hazard signage around the hidden set traps? What should be done to protect children and pets from physical and emotional harm? For those who enjoy and respect wildlife, are you and your children prepared to hear and see animals trapped and suffering in your neighborhood? Three Island neighborhoods have already had to witness this, with horrific and emotionally disturbing effects.

dog injured in trap
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Compassion and kindness exists in Grand Island and is demonstrated in the way we treat our neighbors, pets and especially in the way we consider and treat our wildlife. “Recreational” trapping on public lands is not consistent with personal and community values and does not reflect the respect that our wildlife and environment deserve. Compassionate coexistence with wildlife can exist in Grand Island as it does in many communities across the country. As a caring and respectful public, we continue to request that our elected officials listen and respond to demands to eliminate this cruel and unnecessary activity in our community.

Nicole reports that the following Board Members voted in favor of trapping on Grand Island’s public lands—please politely inform them that trapping is a cruel activity and a danger to Grand Island’s citizens, pets, and wildlife:

Mike Madigan:
[email protected]

Ray Billica:
[email protected] 

Chris Aronica:
[email protected] 

Bev Kinney:
[email protected]

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