Watch Out: The NYS Bureau of Wildlife (BOW) Has Ideas for Regulations!
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting


Nothing good for individual wild animals comes out of the Bureau of Wildlife (BOW) with their cynical acronym. BOW’s purpose is to create and expand hunting opportunity. BOW is a bureau within the DEC that parades as a “normal” part of government as it appropriates the good name of the agency in which it operates. Unlike other divisions of the DEC, BOW uniquely contributes nothing to the general public. On the contrary, BOW siphons public funds.

Now they have ideas that they are asking the “public” (hunters) to give them feedback on:

Idea 1: …prohibit feeding of wild white-tailed deer

Note the use of the word “wild.” BOW licenses a number of hair raising and horrific private operations that use, abuse, and kill deer who are not considered “wild” as they are “privately” held. BOW licenses private canned hunt operations in NYS that feed and bait; they license deer farms for venison that both feed and slaughter. Both operations have been suspected of being breeding grounds for the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease as the captive deer have been known to escape into wild populations. BOW issues permits to orchards and farms to cull deer who are attracted to their “incidental” bait fields; Quality Deer Management (QDM) operations bait with agricultural crops and manipulate wild foods for the purpose of growing big bucks with impressive antlers - the ones hunters want to kill the most.

If you have the time and wish to explore the subject of CWD and witness some grisly BOW-involved operations, here’s an eye-opening post: Details On The NY State CWD Deer Herds

Given BOW’s exemptions for these operations that exploit and kill deer, exactly WHO then is prohibited from feeding? Witness the woman who was arrested for giving apples to deer: - This article is long, but comprehensive.

BOW describes feeding as contributing to “unnatural concentrations.” Their hypocrisy is apparent: QDM plots, deer farms, canned hunt operations, and the incidental feeding on orchards and farms are exempted from their “idea” to prohibit feeding.

It’s apparent that the primary goal of this “idea” is to selectively punish compassionate individuals who feed birds, and deer either incidentally or intentionally.

Idea 2: Applies to Nassau and Suffolk only – defines conditions for permits for use of 4-Poster Tickicide stations. To permit these stations, BOW wants these stations to be part of an overall strategy that would include “assertive actions.” Just what do they mean by “assertive actions”? One can only guess. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should be required for each station, yet that doesn’t appear to be part of the “idea.”

Idea 3: Strengthen and enhance prevention of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

BOW suggests prohibiting the import of deer carcasses and lures made from body parts of deer from states that have CWD. C.A.S.H. COMMENTS: The economic impact combined with the virtual impossibility of enforcement suggests it won’t happen until and if there is a major loss of deer from CWD. In the short term, obviously, this “idea” will result in more hunting in NYS as it keeps NYS hunters home, though BOW irresponsibly fails to mention that CWD is already in NYS!

The testing method to determine if deer have CWD in private facilities is to kill a certain number even though they may be healthy. That random killing can overlook the animals with CWD and kill those without it. If the economy were based on a concern for the welfare of individual wild animals (which it isn’t), more research would go into treating CWD.

BOW’s lack of concern for individual animals, and their money-making schemes cause a nightmare for wild animals and those who care about them as individuals.

Idea 4: This idea was listed, but wasn’t there.

Idea 5: Remove special permit for hunting and trapping bobcats in HEA.

This speaks for itself. There is no way to trap selectively. If trappers didn’t get a special permit prior, does BOW really believe that a trapper will get a special permit after he has already caught a poor bobcat? Should this ever be an adopted regulation, we anticipate that the concern for extirpation will be the next time that BOW will step in. See DEC Expands Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Opportunities and Extends Snow Geese Harvest Period.

Idea 6: Close season on the diamondback terrapin

This attempt at restraint after a population drops to a critically low level speaks to BOW’s lack of good management and compassionate oversight. It points out that there is almost no concern for species outside of a “game” category. Game bureaus earn their keep by overpopulating game species at the expense of non-game species. Idea 6 offers an emergency measure to prevent extirpation.


We need a serious change that will shift wildlife management from the grisly business of killing wild animals to keeping wild animals alive and well.

We need an economy that will develop around wildlife watching: Campsites, hotels, binoculars, tents, tree stands, boats, blinds, used for the purpose of valuing the lives of the beings in the forests and fields.

The current system is outmoded, does nothing for the wildlife-watching public that is in the majority. The current form of wildlife management victimizes wild animals for the firearms industry, and needs to end for the sake of the public, economy, environment, ecology, and individual “wild” animals themselves.

What will help is an economy and management based on wildlife watching, with concern for individual animals and biodiversity, and not an economy that skews populations of “game” species to accommodate hunters.

A paradigm shift will require LAWS. We cannot allow BOW (DEC) to continue to pass self-serving regulations and bypass the political process of legislation. Legislation is the only control the real public has over this bureau that has wildlife defenders in a full nelson.

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