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Mr. Ross McMillan, President
Adidas US
5055 N. Greeley Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

Dear Mr. McMillan:

Under a heading "Sustainability" your website states:

"Sport crosses boundaries. While driving athletes to new peaks of performance, sport can also reach across social, political and geographical borders, affecting whole communities and countries.

In the same way, the size and nature of our company is such that its impacts reach far beyond our own facilities, affecting the lives of people around the world and the environment in which they live. Measuring and controlling these impacts is an important part of our drive to becoming a fully sustainable company."

Please understand that your use of Kangaroo skin is offensive to those of us who care about the creatures of the earth. We, too, have bought your products, we have contributed to your financial well-being, but we insist that for our continuing support of your company, you discontinue your use of kangaroo skin. The wildlife protection movement is as international as your company. Already Viva!UK has had great success removing kangaroo meat from supermarkets. We will be letting our members and other wildlife protection groups internationally know of your use of kangaroo skin. We look forward to your response to our appeal asking you to discontinue providing a market for the horrendous slaughter of kangaroos.

If you wish to see just what that slaughter entails, please visit the Viva!USA website at http://www.savethekangaroo.com/

Sincerely yours,

Anne Muller

Over a month later, Nicole Vollebregt, Director of Public Relations for the company wrote back the same old, same old….Adidas responds (we selected a few choice sentences):

Adidas is opposed to kangaroos being killing in inhumane or unnecessarily cruel manner. This is why we insist that our suppliers fully comply with the Australian government’s strict rules on kangaroo culling.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Adidas with an issue that concerns you so strongly.


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