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The power of your letters for animals

Dr. Deborah Tanzer sent the following letter to J. Crew:

J. Crew Customer Relations
One Ivy Crescent
Lynchburg, VA 24513-1001

Dear J. Crew,

I am writing to inform you that I will boycott your stores until you stop using oil obtained from slaughtered emus in your products. Emu oil has no medicinal value or superiority over the many plant-based oils available as moisturizing agents for bath and body products. I ask that you replace emu oil with one of these many plant-based oils.

Native to Australia, emus belong to the oldest living family of birds on earth, the ratites, or "running birds." By using emu oil you are reducing these glorious birds into a mere commodity for wasteful human consumption. I urge you not to bring more shame on yourselves by slaughtering them for the sake of your profits.

No federal laws regulate the treatment of emus at any stage of production, and most state anti-cruelty laws exempt livestock. It would seem the "deficiencies" lie not only in the law but in your sense of ethical responsibility.

Emu oil is a modern-day "snake oil" peddled by a struggling industry literally trying to squeeze every last drop out of the birds it hoped would make it rich through the sale of emu meat for human consumption but the public did not take the bait. Like the emu ranchers, you are making a business blunder by buying into the emu industry’s propaganda.

Please, let me know when you completely stop using emu oil in your products. Then I will reconsider shopping for your products.

She received the following letter almost immediately:

Dear Dr. Deborah Tanzer:

Thank you for contacting J.Crew.

We appreciate your taking the time to contact us regarding the use of Emu oil in our lotion and body wash products.  Due to poor sales performance of these items, we will no longer carry them once the current stock has been depleted from our stores.

Thank you for your support of the J.Crew brand and we look forward to serving you in the future.

If we can be of further assistance, please let us know by responding to this email at [email protected]


Melissa Millner
J.Crew Customer Relations

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