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Hunting's not a joke, but hunters and game agents are!

By Peter Muller

An AR-activist walks into a bar, sits down, orders a beer and tells the bartender,

"Hey, I have a really funny dumb-hunter joke do you want me to tell it?"

The bartender stares at him coldly and says,

"Look here, Im 6 feet tall; I weigh 180 pounds, and Im a hunter; the other bartender down there is 62"; he weighs 200 pounds and hes a hunter. The guy who cleans up is 64"; he weighs 220 pounds, and hes also a hunter. Are you sure you wanna tell your dumb-hunter joke in here?"

The AR-activist thinks about it for a minute and finally admits,

"Nah! Its not worth it; Id have to explain it three times."

A bow-hunter comes back to camp bleeding profusely from both ears. His buddy wants to know what happened. "Well," he explains I was about to shoot off an arrow when my cell phone rang, and instead of putting my cell-phone to my ear I stuck the arrow in my ear." His buddy is truly touched by the tragedy but asks,

"What happened to the other ear?"

Looking embarrassed, the bow-hunter admits "Thats when I tried to call the doctor."

A hunter accidentally shot his buddy and carried his friend for two and half miles out of the woods. By the time he got him to a doctor it was too late. The medical attendant asked him "Why didnt you call dial 9-11 on your cell-phone, we could have air-lifted your friend out and probably saved his life." The hunter ruefully admitted: "I tried, but I couldnt find the eleven on my cell-phone."

A hunter hired an Alaskan guide to lead him through the wilderness there. Not seeing much by the end of the twenty-third day and feeling exhausted, the hunter suspected that they were lost...
" Look here were lost," complained the hunter. "I thought you were the best guide in Alaska."

"I am," replied the guide, "but were probably in Arkansas by now.

Whats the difference between a smart hunter and Bigfoot?

There is some chance that someday well find Bigfoot.

Recent e-mail to C.A.S.H. from a hunter:

"your an idiot"


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