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I would like people to know about northern Wisconsin. A woman was walking her dog after the nine day high power gun season. It was muzzle-loading “season.” A neighbor who was hunting shot her thinking her white hat was the tail of a whitetail deer. He found her dead with the dog standing next to her. He was let off. The D.A. said it was an accident. That was the year before last. After that incident, you’d hear the DNR and other law enforcement officers say that if you aren’t wearing orange, you are asking for it.

The entire northern region of Wisconsin is so pathetic with hunting that many people are upset they cannot view the color of the leaves changing. They have signs showing the viewing areas, only thing is you have to drive by unless you want to risk being shot as bear hunting is in full swing with hounds chasing the bear, or hunters feed them and then shoot them. So from fall through near the end of winter it is all hunting all the time.

The snow mobile people are even upset with it as no one feels safe with the hunters. It is appalling that women who raise families are now joining forces with the men to kill mother deer and bears and teaching their daughters to kill. No one really eats bear meat and no one should have eight dead deer hanging in their garage. Schools and businesses should not be shut down for hunting. No one should have to fear high powered weapons killing them or their livestock.

People who don’t hunt should not have to live in fear and be forced to buy orange clothing just to feel safe walking out to the mail box. If you don’t believe it, come to any region in northern Wisconsin when deer season is on, especially Thanksgiving week, or come and view the colorful leaves but be careful if you want to take a walk. Wisconsin is a state that is supposed to be a healthy, wholesome family State, a religious state, a pro-life state. Does this sound pro-life???

Does “wholesome” mean that girls and boys should go out and risk our lives and the lives of others to kill innocent animals. The excuse that people give to kill animals is that they are too poor to buy food. That doesn’t wash when you look at the cost of guns and ammo.... Hunting has become a sickness in Wisconsin.

Many people who had wanted to retire here now leave because of the hunting, They came to view the wildlife not kill it. Hunting is all about money and trophies, and downright abuse of ethics and a pro life philosophy. I wish to remain anonymous as most people fear to speak up or the people with guns will accidentally shoot you or your animals, or a stray bullet may accidentally end up going through your house. That has happened as well. There is a beautiful area near Rice Lake called the Blue Hills. Many people want to hike there in the late summer, fall and early winter but cannot do it and feel safe. It is shameful. It is difficult to explain to your children why God put animals on this earth and why we should respect life and families and then see this ridiculous and cruel display of killing.

It is common practice to have hunting stands where deer and bear are baited. Hunters get them used to being fed and then shoot them. I am upset that my children have to see this, they have friends who also cannot abide by it. Somehow it doesn’t go with the Christian image of family, God, and pro life that is spoken of with great belief. I am not alone in believing that Wisconsin needs to clean up its own act. Put the kids back in school and work, and stop the DNR from extending the hunting season on the grounds of too many deer. As an added note, a bear can live for about forty years, but in a hunting area it is three to five.

Even if you only like dogs, you would not like to see dogs kept in boxes in the back of bed trucks and then turned loose on wild animals. When hunters let the dogs out to chase a bear or raccoon, the dogs often get torn up. Many of the women are taught how to sew up the dogs from their menfolk after a hunting excursion. It is in the mind of many people that live here. that we have to be silent out of fear of retaliation. Maybe they should replace “Dairyland” on the license plates with “Killingland.”

Check out the hunting season in Wisconsin on any DNR page......Look for hunting accidents in Wisconsin on web pages.. Or come view the autumn colors from your car. Bring a camera and take a look at all the dead deer piled in trucks and people wearing orange. Look at the stores that have banners, we welcome hunters!!!! Bring the media.... it’s a show of violence and killing.

Look for opening day of gun season in Northern Wisconsin. Rated R... Check out the bear hunters after you check bear season on the net....Or call Wisconsin DNR.

[We took the writer’s suggestion and checked the WI DNR website http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/wildlife/hunt/deer/index.htm which states:

Wisconsin’s estimated post-hunt deer population is well above goal again this year. Since 1960, biologists have used hunter harvest and population modeling techniques to estimate herd size. Population goals were first established in 1962. The original over winter (post hunting season) goal for the Wisconsin deer herd was 441,900 deer. As deer range expanded and hunting interest increased, the goal has grown until today it stands at nearly 709,000 an increase in goal of more than 60%.

That says it all. Sadly, our states and federal government cater to hunters who drive wildlife watchers out of the woods!]


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