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There were several issues in which we became involved in last few months. In some, we were instrumental in moving toward a successful solution, in others the struggle continues. One issue which occurred concurrently in several localities was the killing of suburban deer because, according to some residents, they constitute a nuisance.

In Amherst and Cheektowaga, NY (both suburbs of Buffalo), Greenwich, CT, and Solon, OH (a suburb of Cleveland), programs had been launched to kill suburban deer. The plans for the execution of this massacre varied but the intended effect was the same.

Both Solon, OH, and Greenwich, CT, are very affluent communities. They decided to out-source the job of killing the deer to a company called “White Buffalo.”

White Buffalo was founded and is run by Tony DeNicola. DeNicola originally contracted with the city of Greenwich to kill 200 deer. That is the number the local “experts” had convinced the selectmen of Greenwich constituted the number of excess deer in the city. When Tony and his gang of hired thugs arrived they killed 80 deer. They told the city that there weren’t any more – so they left. DeNicola was overheard telling a local policeman “Greenwich doesn’t have a deer problem – but

I’ll be happy to take their money” – and he did. It cost Greenwich $47,000 for DeNicola and $7,600 in police overtime for a total of $54,600. That came to $682.50 per deer killed.

In Solon, DeNicola contracted with the city for to kill 600 deer which he did. He billed the city and was paid $252,000 for his services. That amounts to about $420 per deer killed.

Peter Muller went to meetings in both Solon and Greenwich to help to stop the killing.

He put the wildlife protectors from Solon and Greenwich in touch with each other. Once they were able to compare the invoicing by DeNicola for both locations, it didn’t take long before some billing irregularities were discovered. We cannot reveal the details of those irregularities at the moment, but hopefully they will help to stop further killing,

Peter Muller from C.A.S.H. and LOHV is going over some pointers on political action with Animal Rights activists from Solon. Picture by Craig Sanders

Natalie and Bo Jarnstedt in Greenwich had no problem convincing Greenwich that the Town had been had. The Town of Greenwich has already made a firm decision not to use DeNicola’s White Buffalo gang of thugs again – furthermore they have decided that no form of “bait and shoot” to reduce the deer population is necessary.

We have every reason to be optimistic for a quick decision from Solon to follow suit with a similar announcement very shortly. We look forward to hearing from Lane Ferrante and Bridget Soeder with good news.

In the Buffalo suburbs bait and shoot programs went forward also. Rather than using outside hit-men they used their own police force to shoot deer with high-powered rifles. In spite of all their assurances to the contrary, an Amherst policeman’s bullet penetrated a residence in the area where the bait-and-shoot took place. To make matters worse, after the deer slaughter had ended, the town supervisor of Cheektowaga announced a program to round-up and kill Canada geese from the same town park.

Greenwich, CT had had a similar plan, but after pressure from Natalie and Bo Jarnstedt, other protectors of wildlife, and several national organizations including Wildlife Watch, they backed off and agreed to use non-lethal methods to dissuade the Geese from certain areas.


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