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Ask Uncle Joe
By Joe Miele


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Dear Uncle Joe:
I can’t believe your website! Have you ever seen a pack of coyotes take down a deer? They literally eat it alive. Ever seen a bear eat a salmon? Same thing. What is fact is that an animal that is killed by a hunters bullet or arrow recieves a death that is humane, quick, and virtually painless when compared to the death that nature would provide. What is important is the preservation of the species through responsible management. They are animals and are very much revered by hunters and fishers. I only addressed two small issues. I could go on all day. Real thinkers are not impressed by emotion.

Larry V.
Muscoda, WI

Dear Larry:
Sorry, but you’re wrong about hunters killing animals humanely, quickly and painlessly. You fail to take into consideration that hunters do not always kill their prey quickly.  Every hunting magazine has run articles on how to follow gut-shot deer.  If the deer die quickly and virtually painlessly, why do hunters have to wait hours before following a blood trail?  The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks has uncovered numerous studies that have shown wounding rates of more than 30 percent - a percentage that is consistent across North America due to the nature of shooting bird shot into the air. Since an estimated twelve-million ducks are killed nationwide, an additional 3.6 million ducks will be wounded and crippled by hunters. Call this what you will, we call it unconscionable.

I also find it strange that hunters claim that we should not rely on emotion when thinking about and dealing with wildlife, but then they become offended when they are called emotionless killing machines.  Which one is it?  Do you want to be well-adjusted, emotional people or do you want to be emotionless machines without the capacity for compassion?  You can’t have it both ways, sir.

Uncle Joe


Dear Uncle Joe:
Why are you defending wolves? They are brutal killers, and if you have seen a wolf pack kill first hand in the wild you would stop “selling” the wolves as “fuzzy puppies” because they are brutal killers. We do not meddle in New York’s business, or pretend to understand your issues, and maybe you should extend the same courtesy to us, as we do to you. Instead of worrying about Montana, maybe you folks should work on getting wolves re-introduced in New York? Are you working towards that goal? Just wondering. You have to see what wolves will do to livestock.Who gonna protect the rancher’s calves? You are not doing anyone good by writing letters like these.

Helena, MT

Dear Jamey:
Nowhere did I mention that I believed wolves to be “fuzzy puppies.”  However, I would not describe them as “brutal killers” in the same way that hunters, trappers and cattle ranchers are. Wolves hunt to survive. Our members and supporters in Montana do wish for us to comment on issues that interest them.  Wolf hunting is one of them. And according to their voices, your opinion is the minority. You want to know who is going to protect a rancher’s calves? Personally, I’d like to see the calves protected from the ranchers.  The wolves will not kill them all, but the ranchers and the meat industry will.  Seems to me that the calves have a better chance of survival being among the wolves, no?  They have zero chance of survival with the ranchers. Please read through our website and get in touch with other wildlife protection organizations. When you do, I’m sure you’ll see hunters and ranchers in a different light.

Uncle Joe 


Dear Uncle Joe:
we don’t need gun controll we need selective breeding programs and real conciqiences mr chicken (BLEEPER) pita boy no off spring for you and as for nutty mcmall shooter make an example of him let people know they can’t do (BLEEP) like that any more. stupid fruity liberal wack jobs are gunna make me be one of those goofey militant guys with guns burried and stashed all over the place cause i know one things for sure i aint given up my guns for nobody no how.

Mike H.
Hope, AR

Dear Mike:
Thanks for writing! I’m sure you’ll make a fine President one day. Try again in 2012.

Uncle Joe


Dear Uncle Joe:
I started hunting at the age of 8, my dad taught me safty first.my brother started at 10,my mother also hunted with us,so see mr peata it was a family thing, I have benn hunting and fishing for 40 yrs, I guide big game hunters in Idaho every fall, Elk bear lion mule deer and some day I hope to guid for wolf,yes wolf you see are elk population is way down because the wolf are killing 7 out of 10 calves that are born every spring,not counting the cows and bulls thay kill,and dont tell me thay just kill the week, I see first hand the what thay do to a herd,Im not saying there isnt room for the wolf, but we have to controll them just like any other animal,thay are out of controll, gess why mr peta,there protected ,you can thank your self and all the other bleeding harts,for killing the elk and deer herds in Idaho,yes you are a killer and you just dont know it, by the way anytime you want to go take photos of the wildlife let me know. I know where a big oll grizzly bear hangs out, he mite just let you pet him.

Chalis, ID

Dear Jerome:
Thanks for sharing your disjointed, incoherent thoughts. Let’s see – you want to kill wolves because they eat elk calves, but isn’t that the “balance” that hunters are always crying about? Oh, I think I get it. The wolves are eating elk calves and denying them the opportunity to grow up to be shot by you and your clients. You see (or maybe you don’t), you’re only interested in protecting the elk because without them, you’d have one less animal to shoot. Perhaps if your family would have sent you to school instead of sending you out hunting at 10-years-old, you’d have a different view of wildlife.

Uncle Joe


Dear Uncle Joe:
I read your stupid column and I know your gonna make fun of me, but I’m writing anyway. You people are just so darn ignorantl. It’s sad, how people find a coyote more imporant than their own. Trapping is part of this capitalist society and capitalisam is what makes a civilized society so, how is it uncivilized? Look at the guy who started up Fur-Fish-Game, he trapped and when he had enough money he started up the magazine and was probably the most classiest and civilized person I ever read about (well in America at least). trapping is what creates youths of our nation to earn the work ethnic, which helps our capitolist society. So, maybe this guy should actually have a conversation with one of us and actually get the big picture. Sometimes this countries people makes me sick.

Glen L.
Seymour, IN

Dear Glen:
Thank you for being a fan of my column! I didn’t know anyone actually read it. Do you happen to know Jerome from Chalis, Idaho, by any chance? Even though you’re also a fan of trapping, I have to gently break the news to you that trapping is a barbaric practice that is being legislated out of existence just about everywhere in the world. The leghold trap has been banned in 89 countries and its use has been restricted in several U.S. States. In my home state of New Jersey, legislators had the sense to ban the mere possession of the trap – you can even be ticketed for leaving one in your trunk if you drive through the state (how great is that?). In today’s modern society there is no need to wear fur. I’ll cut the cave people some slack – maybe they needed to wear animal skins as they huddled around a fire in their cave, while trying to figure out how not to be eaten by bears and big cats. Times have changed, bro – there’s no need to trap harmless muskrats and raccoons anymore.

Uncle Joe


Dear Uncle Joe:
I just read a article mr. Joe Miele Wrote about Psychological evaluations for hunters.  I think that it was the dumbest s­­__t I have ever heard.  Everytime you write stupid s__t like that you show everyone how much yankees are out of touch with the real world.  People like you make this country weak with your liberal ways.  Hopefully A plague will come and kill off all the dumbasses in this country,  and people like me and my friends can live in peace and not have to worry about our god given rights.  If you people keep pushing, we will push back.  Remember we have all the guns, it’s hard to when wars when you have no weapons.

Dear Brandy:
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letter.  While I’m not sure that all the “dumbasses in the country” should be killed, I would hope that they are able to educate themselves so they can rise above the level of “dumbass.” 

Joe Miele

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