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The League of Humane Voters - LOHV

On Saturday, April 11th, LOHV launched a new state chapter in Ohio. At a well-attended meeting, convened by Lane Ferrante, in Columbus, Ohio, Peter Muller presented the methods of operation, core values and beliefs of the League of Humane Voters to attendees from all across the state.

A state chapter is being established just a few weeks following the meeting. Lane Ferrante of Solon, Ohio, initiated the new chapter with assistance from Rich Raushenbach and Troy Gregorino.


In April, LOHV-NYS did an outreach to the local community in New Paltz. It was organized by Jess Mueller, SUNY student and environmentalist. We had a well-attended table at the New Paltz Environmental Fair for Earth Day and made many new friends from our home-town community.


LOHV’s main activity, though, at this time of the year, consists of shepherding our three pending bills through the labyrinth of the New York State legislature toward the road of becoming a law.

The three bills we are pursuing are:
1) A bill to outlaw canned hunting
2) A bill to permit counties and municipalities to regulate trapping within their jurisdiction.
3) A bill to prohibit wildlife shooting contests

The bills are in various stages along the path to becoming law, and we have a special webpage on our site that explains what you as an individual or the representative of an organization can do to help move those bills along.

Visit http://LOHV.org  click on “To Support Pending Bills.” The actions requested are carefully timed for maximum impact. They will change about once a week, sometimes more often and sometimes less.
So we urge you to go to the site early and often to move this legislation along.

If you are not a New York State resident, your voice will still count, especially if you write from an organization. The legislators need to justify advancing our bills with our memorandum of support.

Memoranda of support for a bill offset the memoranda of opposition from the “other side.” The web page cited will give you more information.

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