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Hideous Exchange From Coyote Trapper Site

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:41 am
by coyotewacker

Some of you might remember my post from last year . My son and I whacked a nursing female very early in the morning last May. You can not believe the trouble it can cause. Posted our hunt on the Fox-Pro Forum page. It started all kinds or different opinions. Would not tell them that I could not get out as much as we would have liked ,because my wife was battling terminal cancer. She is now at peace with the Lord. So my advice to anyone is to be very careful in posting your hunts on an open forum. Sad but true.


Re: Nursing female
by LeviM

Thats why you got to love this site :D [smile]
My deepest prayers to you and your family

by lyonch

Next time you shoot a nursing female feel free to post it here and we will give you two thumbs up!!

Sorry to hear about your wife and family!! Deepest condolances to you and family!!

Re: Nursing female
by Tim Anderson

Shooting wet bitchs can devide hunters into two groups. Those that do and those that don’t do it for varis reasons. Its a free country and a hunter cando what he wants as long as its legal... In my own opinion i believe the only ones that should shoot wet bitchs is a ADC trappers or by a rancher if the coyote is doing damage..

I have always been a firm believer that we as hunters should leave some seed for the next season.. Makes hunting that much more enjoyable. Anyway i don’t codone it but i won’t bash ya if you do.. If that makes any sense..LOL [laugh out loud]

Re: Nursing female
by LeviM

My own person theory, I “fur” hunt, and love to see more coyotes in my areas that I trap and call in the fall and winter months. Now if I ever got a call from farmer and needed help with a few coyotes, I would instantly target the alpha female, first in the spring months. Very effective way to elimate coyotes in cetain areas, more coyotes will filter back in. I believe its all personal prefrence. ADC guys do there most work in the spring months because its effective, and a must do, to stay ahead of the coyotes. If other hunters like to hunt the spring months, thats fine, theres not enough coyote hunters that do it to make a difference or atleast the areas I hunt.

Re: Nursing female
by CrittrCallr

My condolances to you and your family on your loss.
As to shooting a ‘wet’ bitch, have at it.

Re: Nursing female
by Dan

First of all my condolances to you and your family . I hunt coyotes all year long here in Calif , we run a small cattle opperation and when the cows are calveing the coyotes dont let up theyll try to kill the calves before they hit the ground. I will never pass up the oppertunity to kill a coyote wet or not I have been killing coyotes all year long now for 45 years and it hasnt slowed them down , thats the great thing about living in a state where there are many non-hunters I get to hunt there game to..

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