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Hunting: Myth Vs. Fact

MYTH: Hunting prevents starvation among wildlife populations

FACT: Scientific studies show that deer reproduce at a greater rate after being hunted.  Wildlife agencies exploit this fact to keep hunters interested in their sport. 

MYTH: Hunting protects the public against the spread of Lyme Disease

FACT: According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no evidence that people can contract Lyme disease directly from wild animals.  The American Lyme Disease Foundation does not recommend hunting to combat the disease. 

MYTH: Hunting lessens the number of accidents involving cars and deer

FACT: The two most dangerous days to drive in terms of deer/vehicle collisions are the opening day and first Saturday of hunting season (Erie Insurance Group) because hunted deer dash across roads as they run for their lives. 

MYTH: Hunting contributes to stronger wildlife populations

FACT: Hunters kill the strongest and healthiest of the species, leaving the oldest and weakest to breed.  With hunters seeking either for a trophy or meat, they pass up weak and sickly animals and wait for healthy animals to kill.

MYTH: Only hunting can control wildlife populations

FACT: Deer immunocontraception has been extremely effective in reducing deer populations. Further, as wildlife populations are intentionally INCREASED to satisfy hunters’ demands for animals to kill, by stopping management for hunting, the deer population will be reduced.

To learn how hunting agencies use YOUR tax dollars in manipulating wildlife populations to satisfy sport hunters: www.AbolishSportHunting.com.

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