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Spring 2012 Issue

AVA Seeks Land and Wildlife Help

ACTION VOLUNTEERS FOR ANIMALS (AVA) is looking for help to protect land.  We are seeking animal advocacy connected, environmentally conscious persons who have a PASSION for land and wildlife.  The sanctuary is near South Bend, IN (80 miles east of Chicago). Locals are interested in developing this property. AVA is in search of assistance with preservation efforts.  There is no need to relocate to meet this challenge, or person/s can live on property if preferred.  Stewardship can be discussed and determined. AVA would like this conservation effort to last in perpetuity.  The land may not be used as an animal shelter, and needs to be left as is.

The founder of the organization is also searching for the right person/s to be the executor of her will. That person should be in the Chicago/South Bend area, preferably within a 1-2 hundred mile radius. Combining this with the above stewardship position would be desirable, but not absolutely necessary.  This could be a nice “permanent part-time job” for the right person/s in these economically uncertain times (present and future).

AVA has witnessed a lot of precious farmland taken over by urban sprawl in the area during the last 40 years.  The human population will increase by 3.3 billion by 2050, so land for wildlife will be even scarcer near the cities. 

If you’d like to be part of this meaningful endeavor (and be monetarily compensated) please contact AVA via mail and tell them about yourself. Please include your phone number. AVA, 1446 W. Argyle, Chicago, IL 60640 

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