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Winter 2013 Issue
In Memory of Dr. Ahmed Halima

Passed away on December 26, 2012

CASH Courier Ahmed Halima
Photo of Ahmed Halima and Anne Muller
Riverdale, NY, 2007

Dr. Halima was known and loved by many in the animal protection movement. His deep commitment to people, world peace, and animals was known by too few.  If you were in his sight, you were in his embrace. A medical doctor, a dear friend to people from all walks of life, a vegan, an inspired soul who had many plans and dreams for a better world. 

Ahmed was Muslim, he married a Jewish woman, and after her unexpected death, he started a center in her honor, at their home in New Paltz, NY, called the Sharon Shapiro Peace Center.  Unbelievably, tragedy struck again when Ahmed had a stroke.  After many years, he sadly passed away in Cairo, Egypt, surrounded by his loving family.  He will be deeply missed.

I want to share Ahmed’s one and only recipe with you.  No matter how large the dinner crowd, this is what he made. I call it "The Halima" and make it often.  It fills the tummy with warmth and happiness, and not one ingredient harmed an animal.  When you make it, please think of precious Ahmed.


Cake of tofu cut into 2” cubes
Can of fava beans
Fresh garlic/tomato/onion/mushrooms,
Chili, curry (use your own spices to)

In a large frying pan, add olive oil and heat, then add chopped garlic, onions, mushrooms and tofu, sauté till brown. Add coarsely chopped tomatoes and whole fava beans in brine with spices.

Serve with sides of warm pita, rice, and a salad that includes hearts of palm.

Enjoy The Halima. Ahmed would want you to!

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