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Fall-Winter 2013 Issue
Ask Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

You people are insane.  I know your kind would gladly kill baby over an animal. I am proud of what I do and will not allow you to disgraced the great tradition of this great country of hunting fishing and trapping. And I can see that by all the likes on your facebook page and posts we are the majority and have nothing to worry about to the likes of you.

Ukiah, CA
Dear Mark:

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have never killed a baby.  I've thus far been able to control myself.  I guess that's the difference between me and you, and between those who respect wildlife and those who abuse and kill them: we're able to respect and appreciate wildlife even if they become an inconvenience, while your solution to everything is violent and obscene.  As far as hunters being the "majority," you're wrong and you always will be.  Hunters make up only about 6% or so of the population, and it's a percentage that will continue to shrink as the US population grows and the number of hunters declines.  

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

Three months ago we were visited by a DEC Law Enforcement officer who told us a "neighbor" complained about us "feeding wildlife" on our lawn, and that this is in violation of DEC policy. The officer threatened us with a $250 fine if we did not cease and desist.  Today, we found a business card in our mailbox from the same officer, asking us to telephone him.  We can only assume that, once again, a neighbor has lodged a complaint about out tree-mounted birdfeeder and free-standing birdbath. We believe we are being harassment by the neighbor and the officer. There are other residents within our community who maintain bird baths and throw out bread for birds and they are not being targeted. 

This is what I've done in response.  Following today's contact by the officer via the business card, I emailed him and requested that all future dialogue with us be via email or US Mail as it is important to have a record of our communication.  Clearly this matter has escalated and we feel that we are being unduly singled out and harassed by this over-zealous DEC Officer.

We welcome any advice you may have.
Pete and Paula,
Corning, NY

Hello Pete and Paula:

Harassment by law enforcement is quite common for those of us who oppose hunting and I am sorry that you've become a target.  You are taking the correct course of action by asking for all communication to be in writing. 

If the officer knocks on your door you do not have to talk to him, nor do you have to allow him in your home or answer any of his questions. Years ago I was being bothered by law enforcement and when they came to my door I politely refused to answer any questions, including simple things like verifying my identity.  I politely asked him what the visit was about and after he told me I thanked him for coming, asked him to leave, and calmly closed the door.  During the second visit of this sort I was threatened with fines, arrest, etc. Again I thanked the officer for his visit and shut the door. There was no third visit.

DEC officers often use bullying tactics to get information from people. You don't have to believe what they say and you don't have to permit them onto your property or answer any questions.  If they think you're doing something wrong make them prove it in court.

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

I totally agree with the position of CASH. I absolutely HATE hunting. However, I have a friend who enjoys hunting and fishing. I know her to, otherwise, be quite a caring, friendly person and I do not want to have to end our friendship, but I just hate the fact that she is a sport hunter.

Exeter, NH

Hi Velina:

If your friend went out on a Sunday morning to shoot stray dogs, or if she lured neighborhood cats with food and then beat them to death with a tire iron, you'd rightly think she was a sick and disturbed person who should be jailed.  The truth of the matter is that hunters and trappers do just that, albeit to different species. Your friend is sick in the head and we hope she gets the mental health attention that she needs.  

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe,

Hey I would like to know why you people want dictate our way of life if your for fathers wouldn't have killed meat you wouldn't be here this is a way of life for us my mosted cherished memories involve hunting with or with out dogs or firearms you look at the statistics for kids raised hunting and fishing compared to some vegan liberal or even a kid raised away from the out doors and see wat the crime rates look like in comparison we as hunters have the upmost respect for our quarry we feed them watch them spend hours on food source and habitat construction for our innocent little animals if we don't harvest some of them they will over populate and starve diseases will spread look up chronic waste disease and you will see a glimpse of wat your trying to cause so please explain yo me why you would want to cause animals a slow painful death starving and diseased filled lives instead of a few dying a quick ethical death yall are the sick ones so please tell what your what your perfect little plan will fix by screwing up ways of life for millions of hard working good people i invite you to come go hunting with me and spend so time in my shoes before you try to take it away from me

independence ks

Dear Brian:

I'm impressed! Your letter of 230 words failed to use any form of punctuation!  I've gotten a lot of incoherent, rambling nonsense over the years, but even the most intellectually stunted of the bunch managed to throw in a comma or apostrophe somewhere, if used improperly. Congrats - yours is perhaps the worst piece of writing I have ever seen.

That aside, you mention a "study" that claims children who hunt and kill fish commit fewer crimes than "vegan liberal" kids (I think that's what you're trying to say).  I'm calling nonsense on that.  Please find the study and send it to me.  While you're busy looking for the study (I have a feeling that finding life on the sun will be easier to do) I'd like to direct you to our FAQ page where several of your questions have been answered.  On the left side of our home page you'll find the link to the FAQ section, and on our Facebook page it is in the "Notes" section.  I hope you can read them.

Uncle Joe

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