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Issues of Special Interest

Aggressive Deer Dissuasion: Effective Solutions

Deer damage to residential landscaping No more salad bars!

One of the reasons given for killing deer is the problem caused by deer eating shrubs (often non-native ornamental shrubs) on private property. This perceived damage is usually highly localized.

Methods to resolve this concern include planting different kinds of shrubs, using various and numerous repellents, netting or fencing. Nurseries and garden shops stock many varieties of ornamental shrubs, trees and perennials that hold no appeal for deer. The web abounds with resources on deer resistant plants. This is a learning curve issue. As more people move from cities and more-established suburbs out into sparsely populated, rural areas, it is incumbent upon them to adjust to their changed surroundings.

Damage to plants on some private property is a private problem and it is questionable whether it is appropriate to solve a problem, using public funds, that involves neither human health nor well-being. Excellent repellent is Liquid Fence, Deer X, Deer-Off and Deer-Away. They work for deer and for other animals as well. [photo: shrub]

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