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Issues of Special Interest

Aggressive Deer Dissuasion: Effective Solutions

Changing environmental and human habitat conditions are giving rise to discussions over how to deal with the deer in our midst. Vast areas, which had been wilderness, fallow fields and farmland, are being developed for residential and sometimes commercial use in the outskirts of towns and along rural routes. The desire to build houses in small towns or in the country naturally places people in close contact with deer and other wildlife. Concerns are raised regarding damage to landscaping, car–deer collisions, and Lyme disease.

The good news is that there are aggressive, responsible, non-lethal methods to reduce the impacts that occur when we occupy the home of wildlife.

Deer and car accidents

Lyme disease and human health

Deer damage to residential landscaping – No more salad bars!

Population dynamics of deer and consequences of hunting

Solutions for isolated deer populations

Humane management

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