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Canada Geese:
14 June 2002

Wildlife Watch just spoke with Steve Levine, Town Supervisor of So.  Fallsberg in Sullivan County, NY -  Just as Putnam is the home of a zillion lakes and reservoirs, Sullivan is the home of a zillion acres of golf courses!

We were contacted by a member who thought that the killing of Canada geese was underway.  I dreaded hearing that they would kill again.  In spite of meetings and appeals to the Town, they killed.  We made sure there was hell to pay, but it had been awhile.

Great news! No, they won't be killing geese this year, not even addling.  He did say that he didn't know what they would do next year.  We suggested that they start to plan for the implementation of non-lethal methods and told him about the hand held laser.  He is VERY INTERESTED.

Everyone who uses it says it works like a charm.

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