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Letter in Response to Woman Hunter
by Constance Young

Dear J:

We understand and appreciate your independence and desire to make your own decisions.  We also appreciate your anger at the patriarchal society we live in.  "A lot of men don't want women in their 'league,'" that is true.   The big question is, what league?

If you are talking about a league of hunters, you are talking about less than 4% of the population.  Not all men hunt, as you well know.  The latest statistics claim that only 4% of the population hunts, and this number includes women.  For reasons other than sex, many of us prefer not to join this league.

Rather, we prefer other 'leagues' of more compassionate people, including men who do not fear their nurturing nature (some call it their more feminine side) - such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Leo Tolstoy, St. Francis Assisi - and many more.

We do not think of animals in the wild as "meat," but rather feeling (sentient) beings who deserve to, and desire to, live out their lives.  But rather, we believe like Alice Walker that "Animals are not there for us any more than women are there for men."

You might find the book, "The Sexual Politics of Meat" by Carol J. Adams interesting; or the book," Animal Equality: Language and Liberation" by Joan Dunayer.  Many women writers, such as Aphra Behn, Mary Shelley, and Alice Walker, have contributed works that challenge the sexual politics of meat.  Some of the other websites you might want to look at include:,,,

Sincerely yours,
Constance Young
Public Affairs Outreach
Wildlife Watch

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