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Typical Letter from a Woman Hunter

Subject: Attention Anne Muller: Woman hunters are not 'oddballs'!

After reading Anne Muller's article, "HUNTING FOR REVENUE: GAME AGENCIES TARGET WOMEN" (which is posted on the CASH website), I found myself sickened by the ignorance and sexism promoted by it!

I am a woman of 23 years who hunts wild animals (for meat, not 'sport'), and I have been hunting since I was a young girl.  No one taught me how, nor encouraged me to start hunting; I took it up on my own and taught myself how to do it, because it was something that I wanted to do, not because of the 'hunting industry' or 'game agencies' supposedly targeting and/or 'tricking' me into it just so they can make more money off of me.  So, I guess that makes me an 'oddball'?  Bullcrap!  Back in the 'old-days' a women who wore pants instead of a dress and rode a horse the right way (instead of 'side-straddling' it) was considered an 'oddball', too...

Every woman who hunts is making an independent decision on her own to do what she wants to do, despite what other people may think of it.  A lot of men don't want women in their 'league', whether it be in the office or in the woods!  Many cowed women may think it 'strange' for another woman to hunt, as hunting is not something that cowed women normally do.  Hunting is still generally thought of as a masculine activity, which is wrong, and Anne Muller is promoting this sexist attitude!  She strikes me as a very sexist and/or cowed women herself, subdued by sexist men and cowed women in general, and those in the animal rights movement!  How sad.

By saying that big businesses are 'tricking' women into hunting in order to make more money off of them is insulting the intelligence of all women everywhere, as if we all are that gullible and nave and need to be 'taken by the hand' and led in the 'right direction' by someone else!  As if we need animal rights groups (or any other type of group or individual) to 'teach' us what is right and wrong, so that we are not 'led astray' by businessmen in the hunting equipment industry (or any other type of industry); as if we are no smarter or wiser than young children and will easily fall for glamorized advertisements as they will!  As if we are not capable of making smart independent decision on our own!  This is the same type of mentality shared by sexist pigs everywhere!  Trying to discourage women from hunting (which is what you are doing, Ms. Muller) is just as bad as trying to discourage women from the workplace, politics, and other stations and activities that are traditionally dominated by men!

Furthermore, it is a common and age-old practice for all parents (including those who hunt) to pass on their skills and values to their children, is it not?  Why is it so different or 'strange' for woman hunters to do that with their own children?  I don't hear Ms. Muller complaining about men teaching their sons to hunt, at least not in that particular article.  Obviously, Anne Muller is a sexist sow!

If this is not the case, then Ms. Muller is a spiteful woman who is lying her ass off only to try and set up yet another ploy to further the animal rights movement, which would not really surprise me that much, as I have noticed that animal rights fanatics will resort to just about anything to try to further their 'cause', no matter how dirty or underhanded it may be, and regardless of the negative effects it may have on our society.  Of course, I can see why the people in the animal rights movement would feel threatened by more woman hunters in the world, as women are typically the prime targets of animal rights propaganda.  Believe it or not, though, Ms. Muller and company, not all women have a bleeding-heart for all animals, nor are all women so easy to fall for the arbitrary dogma spouted by animal rights groups and other 'special interest' groups!  Many women actually have enough brains and self-esteem to make smart decisions on their own (such as the decision to hunt wild meat for themselves) much to the dismay of sexist pigs and animal rights fanatics everywhere, I am sure.

"...let women who may be falling for the hooey know that they are victims and pawns." -  Anne Muller

That's what I tell women who have been brainwashed by the animal rights movement!  Ann Muller needs to take a good look in the mirror and say that to herself!

Very Sincerely,


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