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Ontario Ministry of Transportation: Deer Hunting Causes Car Collisions

From: Peaceful Parks Coalition

April 25, 2005, Toronto: An Ontario Ministry of Transportation report released last year cites deer hunting as a major cause of car collisions in Ontario. The report states that 'in Ontario, higher numbers of animal-vehicle collisions were found to occur in October-December. This could be attributed to fall hunting seasons (Sept.20-Dec15), where people chase and force animals into rights of way. When animals are being shot at, they run and may venture onto highways.'

The report also confirms that most wild animal collisions occur during early morning (5am-7am) or after sunset (5pm-11pm). Deer hunting is permitted one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset.

These are the times sport hunters are also most active.

Yet the McGuinty government is considering expanding deer hunting yet again this year after initiating a massive cull last year. "If municipalities agree, McGuinty will allow hunting on Sundays," says AnnaMaria Valastro of the Peaceful Parks Coalition. "And it will be up to each municipality to consult their constituency."

McGuinty has sent out a promotional letter in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to all municipalities in southern Ontario asking them to consider deer hunting on Sundays during the scheduled deer hunting season. While the proposal only applies to private land, the letter makes it clear that in southern Ontario, most land is private.

"It is negligent and irresponsible to jeopardize people's safety just to make a few measly bucks from the sale of hunting licenses," says Gus Zylstra.

"Landowners who oppose adjacent properties being opened to sport hunters should put their neighbours on notice for liability, and ensure that they have proper insurance coverage," says Zylstra. "Deer hunting is very dangerous, and not just because of the bullets, but also because it causes car collisions with wildlife."


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