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Dear Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The editorial, "Off target/Hunting and fishing are fun, not sacred" (February 19, 2004), did not go far enough. Yes, it is ridiculous to protect hunting and fishing as a constitutional right, but no, it is not "innocuous" and well intentioned. Knitting is innocuous; recreational killing of animals is a sickness.

Hunting is on the decline, due to many reasons: less people living in rural areas; an abundance of other activities for children; and most importantly, the inevitable raising of human consciousness toward animals. Those who profit from hunting/fishing and those unable to find creative, rather than destructive, hobbies are in a panic.

Historically, incremental progress toward justice is followed by repressive measures designed to maintain the exploitative status quo. In addition to making hunting/fishing a right, animal exploiters in various states have passed laws against so-called "hunter harassment," against documenting ILLEGAL animal abuse (such as on factory farms), and against peaceful protest.

Animal abusers feel moral constraints do not apply to them, and that any negative impact on fun or profit from their animal abuse must be intercepted, by force of law.

Rep. Matt Baker, who introduced this shameful bill, is quoted as saying that it is in response to "extremists" who are trying to ban hunting and fishing. It is hunters who resort to "extreme" measures to protect their corrupt actions, as a level playing field (both in the woods and in the law) is not for cowards.

This travesty of a bill, HB 1512, is not just anti-animal. Hunting also puts humans at risk. If passed, an antidote bill will be needed: a bill giving the 96% of the US population who do not hunt, constitutional protection from hunters. We have the right to live free of gunfire in our communities; to be safe inside or outside our homes and cars from being shot; to not have to witness bloody snow and wounded, suffering, or dead animals in our neighborhoods; to not have to post OUR own property against animal killers; and to not be afraid that our children's schoolmates are hunters who lack compassion, but possess weapons.

Go to www.all-creatures.org/cash to learn more about the true nature (actually, anti-nature) of hunting.

Susan Gordon, Representative
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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