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Letter From J. Goth - 1 Dec 2004

"Dad Kills 14 year old."  Reminds me of when I was stationed on a Radar Site in North Idaho back in the early 1960's. A group of my fellow airmen held a meeting prior to going on a deer hunting trip.

They invited me to go along and considering I did not own a weapons they were going to supply me one. At the meeting they were talking about "Getting in some good sound shots".

I then asked "What's a sound shot" and was told that when you heard the deer over in the bushes you just shot in that direction and you might luck out and kill the deer.

That is when I determine this was not a game I wanted to play.

Honestly I can not even think of me killing a deer just for the fun of it.

Now if these deer were 3 times as large and were eating cars right out of your drive way - then maybe but just for the joy of doing that - no way.

J . Goff . Maryland

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