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To The Editor: 

The New Jersey legislature is considering common sense legislation that would change the way the state’s wildlife is managed, but this legislation is opposed by the special interests of the hunting industry in favor of maintaining the unbalanced status quo. 

The Fish and Game Council sets hunting seasons and kill limits for all hunted wildlife species in the state.  In accordance with current law, the majority of the Council’s members are required to be hunters, and today, every member of the council is a hunter or sides with the hunting lobby. 

Since this Council has a history of pandering to the fewer than one percent of New Jersey’s residents who hunt, bills A3275 and S2041 have been introduced to ensure that wildlife is managed in a fair and balanced way. 

A3275 and S2041 would reduce the number of Council members from eleven to seven, and would remove the requirement that the majority of Council members be hunters.  In addition, the bills would ensure that no member of the council shall have a direct personal financial interest that might reasonably be expected to impair the person’s objectivity or independence of judgment.  Who could argue with the creation of an impartial Fish and Game Council? 

A3275 and S2041 expand the duties of the Council to include: investigating the use of non-lethal alternatives for dealing with wildlife conflicts; exploring eco-tourism opportunities to promote the State’s diverse wildlife; and pursuing opportunities to preserve land for wildlife habitat. 

These are common-sense changes to a system that has for more than one-hundred years mismanaged wildlife and habitat only to benefit hunters at the expense of wildlife, habitat and the general public.  As an example of this, the Appellate Division of New Jersey’s justice system recently ruled against the Fish and Game Council when it found that Council’s Black Bear Management Plan was “invalid” and that the Council disregarded laws and procedures when it forced its policy – a policy that “did not lawfully exist” and “did not have the force of law.” (NJARA et al. v. NJ Department of Environmental Protection et al.) 

A3275 and S2041 brings wildlife management out of the dark ages and into a modern world where the views of all residents are better represented, but this move is opposed by the special interests in the hunting and weapons industries.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and by removing the stranglehold the hunting lobby has on wildlife we can enhance wildlife and habitat for the state’s residents and ensure that a fair and balanced system be established.  Please support A3275 and S2041 and make New Jersey a better place for wildlife and people. 

Joe Miele, Vice-President
Wildlife Watch, Inc


Fishing and trapping to be banned in NJ

To the editor:

You heard it here first

A bill has been proposed that the fish and game council be changed. Animal rights advocates want to put their activists on the council so that they can outlaw these outdoor activities.

This will cause the state to lose millions of dollars from hunting families — dollars that are put back into the environment.

For over 100 years our wildlife has been managed according to science, not politics or activists’ opinions. New Jersey’s wildlife is thriving due to the value placed on it through sustainable use. To ignore scientific facts and research through animal rights fanaticism is wrong.

The sporting public should not be denied the sustained use of these abundant natural resources. Please contact your elected officials and tell them to leave the fish and game council as it stands.

Eric Bunk

North Jersey Area Director,
Ted Nugent United
Sportsmen of America


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