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Blasting Tiny Birds is Fun!

Sent to the Detroit Free Press 9/20/03

Eric Sharp’s column in the Press (Small-game hunting opener damp but fun, 9/16) was a breath of fresh air, if only because it reported hunters admitting why they practice their bloody craft. They do it because as Larry Granchelli of Dearborn said, it is “fun.”

For once the hunters have come clean and are not hiding behind the same tired excuses that they often give for hunting, such as overpopulation, shrubbery damage and Lyme disease. These hunters endured the rain so they could have fun killing half-pound birds, squirrels, and viscous, terrifying bunny rabbits. What brave men they are!

The Department of Natural Resources reports that the majority of hunters believe the population of ruffled grouse, the twenty-four ounce birds that hunters love to kill, is declining. The majority of hunters also believe that the population of woodcock, harmless seven-ounce birds, is in decline. (Michigan DNR Ruffled Grouse and American Woodcock Early Season Report) Perhaps closing the season on these birds before it is too late would be a good idea.

It is unfortunate that the DNR caters to the violent killers of small animals. Killing for recreation is obscene and should not be tolerated by a rational, modern society.

Joe Miele
Wildlife Watch
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12563


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