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Breeding Them Just to Kill Them

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Hunters love to claim that they are “thinning the herd” and without their altruism, the animals will starve over the winter. What they don’t often tell you is that many of the animals killed by hunters are bred specifically to be living targets.

The state Division of Fish and Wildlife has released 50,000 hand-raised pheasants using prisoners and 4-H Clubs and 11,000 quail into hunting grounds areas in preparation for the opening day of small-game killing season, which was November 8. This is done for the few people who consider killing to be “recreation.” It is done so the Division can collect the license fees that each bird killer must purchase. Additionally, wildlife managers profit from shotgun and ammunition sales. Our wildlife is managed for firearms industry profit.

Don’t believe for a minute that wildlife is managed for their own sake. Think of what happens to the birds who manage to elude the hunters and not be blown out of the sky: According to an article from the Hastings (NE) Tribune, “It has been proven only about three out of 100 survive in the wild…”

It is clear that the Division is no friend to fish or wildlife. This Division exists only to exploit, destroy and cater to the tiny minority of New Jersey residents who kill animals for fun and enjoyment. The time has come for the Division and its assault on nature to stop or be stopped. For information on what you can do to protect New Jersey’s wildlife from those who wish to destroy it, please visit the website of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting at  or call (845) 256-1400.

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