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Ms. Linda Starkey, Village President
North Barrington Village Hall
111 Old Barrington Road
North Barrington, IL  60010 

September 11, 2003

Dear Ms. Starkey:

Wildlife Watch, Inc. is an animal protection organization that educates the public about the mismanagement of wildlife by state and federal wildlife agencies, and the destruction of wildlife and ecosystems in the name of sport hunting and game management.  

It is unfortunate that the village of North Barrington is considering the use of bowhunters or sharpshooters to manage the deer population within the village.  What is most tragic is that after the killing ends for the season, the deer herd invariably rebounds and more deer populate the same area the following year.  We have seen this to be true more times than we can count, and that is why we urge the implementation of non-violent methods to address issues surrounding any undesirable deer/human conflicts.

When deer are hunted, those who survive are left with more food, more habitat, and more breeding opportunities.  As a result of this artificial reduction in the deer herd, the does will eat more, grow stronger and often carry twins and triplets - something that does not happen when deer populations approach a density that is ideal for a given area of habitat.  This is how deer populations increase after hunting, and the wildlife management division of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and private deer killing special interests exploit this phenomenon for their own financial gain while hiding behind the myth that deer hunting will work to reduce deer populations.  The budget of the DNR, including the salaries of its employees, is funded through the sale of hunting licenses.  In order to remain viable, the DNR must artificially inflate game animal populations so hunters are given a never ending supply of targets to shoot at.  The DNR is not in the business of protecting animals, they are in the business of killing them and selling hunting licenses.

It has come to our attention that that during a recent village council meeting, it seemed that council members Jack McEnroe and Kim Foreman did not want the deer killed.  We are encouraged by their willingness to apply humane management techniques to remedy the current situation.   Wildlife Watch, Inc. would welcome the opportunity to work with the council to show how non-violent methods of deer control work successfully, and have been working in townships such as Bernardsville, New Jersey, where deer/car accidents have drastically reduced after road reflectors and better street lighting was installed.  Measured, responsible techniques such as these come at a lower cost to residents and should be implemented, as they would come much closer to solving the township’s deer problems than hunting ever will.  We look forward to hearing from you so we may begin to assist the village in solving their wildlife-related problems.  We can be reached at (845) 256-1400.


Joe Miele

Cc: The Village Board of North Barrington:
Craig Parker
David Peterson
Kim Foreman
Jack McEnroe
Fred Hjertstedt

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