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Water Works Deer Massacre

Sent to the Times Herald-Record (NY) on 1/15/04

David Dirks's recent column exposed his ignorance and callousness with regard to the deer herd living on the property of the Minneapolis Water Works.

The seventy-eight acre, fenced-in Water Works property held captive fewer than seventy deer.

Sterilizing and releasing this small herd would have been a relatively simple task, but instead the deer were violently massacred. Witnesses described frightened deer crashing into the fences. A doe was seen trying to protect her two fawns, but the killers slaughtered her and her babies in cold blood.

So much death and violence because state wildlife agencies are funded by the sale of hunting permits and excise taxes on firearms and bows and arrows.

This unspeakable barbarity is all about the almighty dollar.

The true agenda of state game agencies is to manipulate wildlife for financial gain. The barbaric practice of sport hunting has no place in a civilized society.

Joe Miele, Vice President
Wildlife Watch, Inc.
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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