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Shameless Slaughter of the Minneapolis Water Works Deer

Sent to the editors of the Northeaster (MN) on January 21, 2004

The editors of the Northeaster took a brave stance in their editorial against the shameless slaughter of the Minneapolis Water Works deer. In my decade of working in the field of wildlife advocacy, I have not come across a more wantonly cruel act of violence perpetrated against a helpless population of animals. Every individual and agency that had complicity in the slaughter, through action or mere acceptance, needs to reflect upon the betrayal of the gentle animals who trusted humans. It is a tragedy that the deer paid with their lives because the weapons industry holds the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in the palm of its hands.

The attack on the deer has been vividly documented and should haunt those involved forever. Many throughout the country now know that hunting is really heartless killing. Who can't identify with the panic, psychological and physical pain that the doe experienced in futilely trying to protect her fawns.

It is time for the Minneapolis Water Works to make amends by providing the remaining deer with ample food throughout the winter, until a plan can be put in place where they can safely be relocated.

We thank the editors of the Northeaster for raising a defiant voice and joining the opposition of the Water Works Massacre. May the deer rest in peace.

Joe Miele, Vice President
Wildlife Watch, Inc.
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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