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Minneapolis Water Works Deer

Sent to the Times Herald Record


In his response to my letter regarding the Minneapolis Water Works deer slaughter that was mentioned in the Record, Mr. Wayne Pulver states that the notion of a doe protecting her fawns is "an attempt at pure fictional sensationalism." (Letter not credible 3/5)

The report of the doe protecting her fawns came from an eyewitness to the slaughter, not from the imagination of this anti-hunter.

Mr. Wayne also states that in his rebuttal that "A deer herd of 70 animals on 78 acres of property could not possibly be slaughtered." Sadly, when a fenced in population of deer is driven toward the corners of the property where they have no means of escape, the resulting carnage can very accurately be described as a slaughter.

Hunters and their apologists can try to manipulate the story to serve their myopic viewpoints, but they cannot evade the truth - hunting is a barbaric endeavor that has no place in an ethical, modern society.

Joe Miele, Wildlife Watch
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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