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Stop the Torture of Taiwanese Dogs



Dear President Chen:


Wildlife Watch is an animal protection organization headquartered in New York, USA.  We work to improve the lives of stray and wild animals, wherever in the world they may live.


It has come to our attention that on the island of Wu-Chu, the Taiwanese military is committing terrible cruelties upon the stray and feral dogs who call the island home.  We understand that soldiers who try to help the dogs are severely punished if their efforts are discovered by others in the military.  This is very disturbing and not becoming of a government body that should exist to serve and protect.


The soldiers who try to help the dogs should be assisted in their actions, by showing that the Taiwanese military is not only a force of strength, but one also of compassion.  They should never be punished for coming to the defense of the defenseless, something all good nations are wont to do.


The president of our organization visited friends in Taiwan several years ago and made our websites known to them and the many educators whom she met there.  She was greatly impressed by the fact that Taiwan had passed a sweeping anti-cruelty law that applied to the entire country, a law that was far more advanced in many respects than what we have in the United States.


While in Taiwan, she became connected with the animal protection organizations of Taipei, one of which is under the leadership of Buddhist nuns whose work is well-known in this country.  


On behalf of the billions people around the world who condemn senseless acts of cruelty against animals, we respectfully ask that you do all that is within your power to put an end to the atrocities that the soldiers of Wu-Chu are visiting upon the islandsí dogs.  We encourage you to provide enforcement of the excellent law that you already have in place, regardless of the fact that members of the military are the culprits.  Itís in the enforcement that the lives of animals will be made better.  Your administration will be honored and thanked for demanding soldiers of a higher character.


Most respectfully yours,

Joe Miele, Vice President

Wildlife Watch, Inc.


Cc:  Vice President Lu Hsiu-lien

        Li, Lun-Huea, Commander of Wu-Chu Island 

        Yao-Ming Tong, Chief of Ministry of National Defense

        Tai-Sun Shu, Chief Commander of Navy             

        Bureau of Foreign Trade

        Minister of Economic Affairs

        Department of Public Affairs

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