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Fish and Game Needs Convincing
To the Star Ledger (NJ)

Fred Aun's column, Bear hunt foes are off target (7/25) gave me a hearty laugh. I wonder if Mr. Aun understands the ironic humor in his statement that bear hunting foes "failed to convince the state Fish and Game Council that any better way exists" to manage the state's black bear population?

The humor comes from the fact that despite the volumes of scientific data, bear-country resident testimonials, and stone-cold facts presented to the Council that outlined a bullet-proof case for why a bear hunt is not needed, the council will not let reason and objective data get in the way of their little trophy hunt that they hope to enjoy come December.

The Fish and Game Council exists only to allow hunters to kill as many animals as possible, while ensuring that an overpopulation of animals will exist the following year to provide more recreational hunting

opportunities. The Council will satisfy only itself and the interests of hunters, despite the devastating detrimental effect it has had on wildlife populations since its inception in 1945.

The time has come to topple the Fish and Game Council from their throne of arrogance. Fifty-eight years of tyranny over our wildlife is enough.

Joe Miele

Wildlife Watch, Inc. - New Jersey Field Office
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12563

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