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Use Humane Methods of Goose Control

To the Home News Tribune of Central NJ


In a recent article published in the Tribune (Birds baffling North Brunswick, 9/06) North Brunswick, Mayor David Spaulding is quoted as saying "We have to seriously consider killing some geese," and "…what alternative do we have?"


Luckily for Mayor Spaulding and even luckier for the geese, there is a plethora of effective, non-lethal methods of goose control.  In accordance with the non-violent management techniques that are sought by several members of the North Brunswick Township Council, we would like to suggest to Mayor Spaulding the following:


The Virginia/Washington D.C. based GeesePeace is an organization dedicated to building better communities though innovative, effective, and humane solutions to wildlife conflicts. 


The GeesePeace program is one of education and participation.  Non-violent control methods are taught to local officials, and personnel are trained in how to put these techniques into practice.  Where the program excels, is in its ability to draw geese away from heavily-traveled areas and then modify the existing habitat so that it is no longer attractive to them.


GeesePeace has implemented humane goose control programs in many municipalities and has recently collaborated with New York Senator Chuck Schumer to bring such a program to Nassau County. 


Wildlife Watch is one of several animal and environmental protection organizations that opposes violent, lethal control of Canada geese and instead, supports the implementation of non-lethal programs.  We urge Mayor Spaulding to contact GeesePeace at the following address to learn more about their successful program: GeesePeace, 6405 Lakeview Drive Falls Church, VA 22041 (703) 354-1713.


Joe Miele

New Jersey Field Office

Wildlife Watch, Inc.

Box 334

Rochelle Park, NJ  07662


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