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Children in Tennessee Can Hunt Without a License.


To The Editor:


In a recent article posted on the website, the writer says that “Landowners and their children hunting on their own land (under a specific exemption) are also exempt from Hunter Safety Certification requirements.”  ("True" Landowners Don't Need Tennessee Hunting License, August 25, 2003)


We find it highly irresponsible by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) to allow children to use deadly weapons with no license and no official training at all. 


According to the International Hunter Education Association, shooters aged nineteen and younger accounted for almost 23% of shooting related hunting accidents reported nationwide in 2001.  This figure shows that even after taking hunting education courses, putting deadly weapons in the hands of children is at best, pernicious.  Given that a one oz. slug can travel 3700 feet or more when fired from a legal hunting rifle, it is feckless to think that children can handle powerful weapons without expert instruction


One can only surmise that the “sport” of hunting in Tennessee is in such a sorry state that the TWRA is desperately looking to recruit new hunters and is willing to put the lives of children at risk to do so.   This speaks volumes about the lack of ethics involved in the decisions made by the managing body of the TWRA.  We urge the Tennessee legislature to conduct a review and investigation of the TWRA and enact a system of real checks and balances so that the Agency is held accountable for their irresponsible rules and regulations that could leave children in Tennessee crippled or dead.  No reasonable person can believe that children prowling around with deadly weapons could ever be in a community’s best interest.


Joe Miele

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

Box 562

New Paltz, NY  12561

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