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Donít take children hunting

Sent to the Star-Telegram of Dallas/Ft. Worth Tx.



Bob Hoodís article about taking children hunting (Regulations change, but youth needs don't, 8/17/03) does not mention the problems of animal cruelty and indifference toward life that are the ultimate lessons of every hunting trip, nor does it mention the danger associated with the blood sport.  During the calendar year 2001, the International Hunter Education Association, children reports that children aged nineteen and under accounted for almost half to the recorded hunting accidents in which firearms were used.


In addition, the Associated Press reported that an Illinois man accidentally shot an arrow through the chest of a teenager. (Bowhunter shoots teen who scared deer: Associated Press - Oct. 29, 2002)  This is one of hundreds of documented cases of where experienced hunters have shown how dangerous hunting is to its participants.  Putting a powerful weapon in the hands of a child is something that will certainly have tragic consequences.  Sometimes the tragedy befalls some unlucky children; often the tragedy befalls some unlucky animals.

Encouraging children to be violent killers of harmless and defenseless animals is not something that should ever be taken lightly; not only is animal cruelty such as hunting wrong on its face, it is also wrong because an increasing amount of evidence indicates that children who are cruel to animals often grow into adults who are cruel toward humans.  A recent incident supporting this viewpoint this took place on April 24, 2003 in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.  Before school started, student Jimmy Sheets, a young teen, pulled a gun out of his book bag and shot his principal to death before turning the gun on himself.  Jimmy was described as "a passionate hunter."  (Philadelphia
Daily News)  Even when young hunters do not turn their guns on humans, the crass indifference toward the lives of the animals is something that hardens oneís soul and builds a cold

Because a plethora of evidence proves that the violence of hunting is dangerous to society on many different levels, we call on parents to raise their children to respect all forms of life and reject the violent lessons taught by hunting.  To learn about ways to live in peaceful coexistence with wildlife, please visit or contact the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting at Box 562, New Paltz, NY 12563 - (845) 256-1400 - [email protected]

Joe Miele

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

Box 562

New Paltz, NY 12563


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